What I Have In Common With A Cockatiel (hint… we both have a favorite girl, and she turns 9 today!)

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See this guy? He is our Cockatiel, Cupcake. We love him so much. And he loves us too… but Clara in particular.

One thing I love most about cockatiels, is that they bond for life. Just one life partner that they stay with through thick and thin.

If the bond is broken, their heart breaks too.

Cupcake has bonded for life with my Clara. She is the only one in the world for him… he is utterly and completely in love with her.

I can understand why. Clara is the most magical human being I have ever met. In my eyes, she is the definition of spirit and soul. I see her and I see her soul, they are always hand in hand and visible. To look at her *is* to see her soul. Always.

She is raw and precious and gentle and passionate and careful and hilarious and giving and tender. And, today, she turns 9.

These pictures were taken from breakfast last week… she put her bird out with a little bit of millet spray on the breakfast table next to her. That’s exactly the kind of thoughtful thing she is always doing for the pets and people that she cares about.

I love these pictures because I think my daughter looks like an angel… can you see her glowing in the light, edges blurred… no discrete line where her body stops and the light begins?

This is how I see her every time I lay eyes on her. Soul shining.

And from behind this camera, I am looking at Cupcake and thinking what a lucky bird he is… to be bonded for life to my Clara.

She is the most trustworthy gentle care giver, I have no doubt that she will take care of Cupcake and tend to his every need for his entire life, start to end.

(Once, when she was only 5 years old, she held her favorite guinea pig while he died… for well over an hour, she just held him to her chest, gently but firmly, loving him even though he was leaving and tears were rolling down her face.

Holding him and telling him it was okay, to relax and let go. I tell you, I’ve never seen such quiet beauty, grace, and strength in my life as I saw my little 5 year old girl give that day.)

Cupcake is one lucky boy indeed!

And that’s what I have in common with Cupcake too… because I know that I’ve bonded for life with my daughter. And I am super grateful for it.

She will always be my baby girl, even though she has just turned 9 in the blink of an eye. I am bonded to you for life, Clara. I feel that I exist to be your Mommy.

Happy Birthday, my love. Now let’s go do whatever you like today! So far, the plan is hiking around a southern plantation (Magnolia Plantation, for those of you who live here) and lots of fresh air. A magical September 24th to you all! xoxo