What To Do When Facing A Difficult Health Decision

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Several winters ago I attended a wonderful medical conference in which I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Terry Wahls speak.  She is so impressive, with the amount of medical experience, knowledge and wisdom she possesses… particularly in the field of autoimmune disorders and how diet impacts our body’s health.  Visit her website here if you are interested in learning more about that.

That’s not what I loved most, however.

The part I loved most was when she talked about helping patients get clear on why they even want to do the work of healing in the first place.

She walked us through how to help patients become really clear on why they are willing to work for their health, because that same motivation will get them through sticking with their healing plan even when discomfort arrises.  So even when cravings hit when you are trying to diet, or physical therapy is hard and you get discouraged, or addictive urges arise again and again and again… you will know exactly why you are willing to endure the discomfort.

Almost all healing plans — from diet modifications to exercise goals to more dramatic things like recovering from surgery or completing rehab… almost all depend on your ability to stick with the plan even when it gets uncomfortable.

Knowing why you want to do the healing work is exactly the reminder you need to stick with it even when it gets hard.

If you find yourself not following through on your health goals — whether you start and then stop different diets, or pledge to go to the gym and then quit, or if you’d like to be more diligent about grounding daily but never can seem to find the time, or you are having trouble breaking your addiction to your smart phone and find yourself checking social media so much more often then you really have time for… this advice will help you.

I loved it so much I made a video about it for you right here.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed when Dr. Wahls spoke about it:


How To Find Inner Motivation For Long Term Health Goals





Now that you have clarity on why you want to do the healing work, maybe you can already call to mind a difficult health related decisions that you are going to have to make in order to do the healing work.

I’ve got you there too.

I attended another medical conference called “Transforming The Future Of Medicine,” and there were lots of great topics presented there too… but one of my favorites was a simple decision making tool that I thought was so good, I wanted to share it with you here.

Although this was presented as a great way to help guide patients in making difficult health decisions, it could really work for any decision you are facing that feels overwhelming.  And let’s face it, there are so many huge, daily changes in the world that require huge, important decisions to be made, and lots of overwhelm to be had, day in and day out.

So today, hopefully, I can help make one of the tough choices you are facing a little more approachable.

I created a free printable worksheet for you to help walk you through it.  Simply print it out and then click the 9 minute video below and I will personally talk you through filling it out.

Clarity, ease, a sense of relief, a meaningful choice that actually excites — instead terrifies — you into moving forward…  that is my goal in sharing this with you today.



If you love it, feel free to save this worksheet as a file on your computer to use whenever you like, forever more.   Print out as many copies as you want, whenever you want.  Or bookmark this blog post and I’ll keep this link active on my website indefinitely.

And be sure to share this blog post with anyone you know who is facing a big decision and could use a little support.

After you’ve run through it a few times, you won’t even have to write anything down… it will become second nature.  It’s a very easy acronym that you can easily remember and think of any time, any where, and it can help you make basically any decision on earth:

The acronym is BRAIN:

B = Benefits (what are the benefits?)

R = Risks (what are the risks?)

A = Alternatives (what are the alternatives?)

I = Intuition (what does your intuition say?)

N = Nothing (what if you do nothing?)

I’ll walk you through it in the video below — just hearing it one time will allow you to always have it in your mental toolkit to use whenever you need it.   I guarantee if you run through this exercise just one time with me today, you will remember it forever.  In the future, you’ll be able run through the acronym in just seconds, without ever writing a single thing down.

And again, be sure to share it with any loved ones who are making difficult decisions too — we could all use a little more support:







Created for you, with love, from me.


Laura Koniver MD