When You’re Struggling to Listen to Your Intuition… I’ve Got You

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Today I am sharing an interview I recently did for the fabulous Rachel Molendo… she features this interview on her podcast: The Fill Your Cup Podcast.

Honestly I do interviews all the time and I rarely share them here, because they usually focus on grounding, which repeats much of the same information that I already share with you here on my blog.

But this one is different.

In this podcast I share TONS of information that I’ve never shared in an interview before, including exactly why I left conventional medicine, and exactly why I feel intuitive guidance is so important to include when you are making a major life decision.

If you are wanting to know more about how you can listen to your own intuition (or to just get to know me a little bit better!) I hope you will join me in listening to this podcast.

In it Rachel and I talk about:

  • Why I left a successful career as a conventional Medical Doctor

  • Advice for how to leave a job or situation that doesn’t feel right for you

  • What I experienced after I left my medical career and how I stayed true to my journey in the face of criticism

  • Ways that I practice listening to my intuition (you can do it too!)

  • A little on grounding and how grounding can help you find your center

  • How we are energetically connected to the earth and why this matters

  • How living intuitively can truly deepen your happiness

Lots of hand’s on examples and practices that I will run you through on how to silence the brain and listen to the intuitive heart center that I know you absolutely have:


When You’re Struggling to Listen to Your Intuition – Dr. Laura Koniver, MD



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I recently got some criticism for always linking to a healing tool or a class at the end of each blog post… resources where you can go deeper with the information I present in that healing article.

I felt very sad about that because I provide tons and tons of free content — literally thousands of healing articles, interviews, YouTube videos, podcasts, tiktoks, worksheets, ebooks and more… that are all free free free! In fact, I actually spend the majority of my day creating free content to help uplift others. I truly don’t want you to feel that I’m always trying to sell you something. I deeply apologize if this is how it feels at times with me always sharing a link or two for folks that want to go deeper.

Everything I offer comes from a very strong desire to support you in ways that I wish I had been supported.

  • Damn, if I had had just ONE SINGLE CLASS in med school on how to include intuition when helping patients through their healing journey, I could have been so much of a better physician from the jump.
  • If I had had just ONE PERSON in my life encouraging me to drop into my heart space when making big life decisions, I could have felt so much less anxious than I have for the past (almost!) 5 decades of living.
  • If I could have had just ONE CLASS to join into the help me quiet my overactive, overthinking mind and center instead into my gut knowings, I could have avoided so much of the trauma I have been through in my life… and I could have stopped my energy from getting drained over and over and over again by the world around me.

So I want that for you — I want to offer a group where you feel seen, supported and lovingly guided, and that’s why I took months to create an Intuition Online Class, where I can go step by step through the process of you opening to your own unique intuitive gifts.

Yes, you absolutely do have them. I’ll show you how to find your intuition, hear your intuition, and feel empowered — instead of drained — by being empathetically intune to the world around you.

Join me right here, we start in just a few weeks.


To your healthy, vibrant and totally unique soul energy…

xoxoxo, Laura