Why Allergies Might Help You Live Longer

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A new study suggests that folks with allergic rhinitis are more likely to outlive the rest of us.


Allergic rhinitis patients have a decreased risk of heart attack, a decreased risk of stroke and over all a significantly decreased risk of all-cause mortality!


They were basically half as likely to die during the study period,” says Dr. Crans Yoon, after looking at a database of over 200,000+ allergic rhinitis patients and following those patients for a 7 year period.


Presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 2014 conference, Dr. Yoon found that people who tested positive for allergies were less likely to suffer cardiovascular events…. with allergy sufferers having half the mortality rate of non-allergic folks.


People with allergic rhinitis had a:

  • 25% decreased rate of heart attack (acute myocardial infarction)

  • 19% decreased rate of stroke (cerebrovascular event)

  • 49% decreased over all mortality risk


I have a very dear friend whose family suffers from a hypersensitive allergic response to the environment and to certain foods.

I’ve often reminded her to view this hyper-vigilant state as a positive thing… studies in the past have shown that the immune system of patients with hyper-vigilant immune systems aggressively fight off disease and even have lower rates of some forms of cancer.


This study just confirms this further… a strong immune response keeps us healthy and living longer.

This is a very clear correlation between allergic rhinitis and decreased heart attack, stroke, and risk of death.

This is GOOD NEWS!

I don’t know why we don’t hear more about all of the good news that the medical community unearths.

But this blog is dedicated to providing only positive, uplifting and wondrous health information.

I literally scour the medical literature each week to find these kinds of gems and give them to you here, on my blog.

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The bottom line?

  • If you can view your seasonal allergies as a positive adaptation, you’ll struggle against them less.
  • If you struggle against them less, they will have less of a negative impact in your daily life.


Instead of viewing your immune response to seasonal allergens as a burden, feel the power and strength of your immune system as it goes into action on your behalf.

And to help decrease the impact of allergies in your life even more than just

changing your mind-frame, here is a list of my top

7 favorite holistic things you can do today to help

alleviate your seasonal allergy symptoms.


Here’s to a beautiful spring…

xoxox, Laura