Why Don’t I Feel Anything When I Am Grounding? Here’s Why:

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A chakra anatomy painting I painted for you. Prints available here.


The next online health class I am running is my Chakra Healing Online Class, which starts on Monday (more on that below, I’d love to have you join in if you’d like to work with a physician on your core alignment and feeling how that impacts the health of your body!)

So in honor of my upcoming chakra class, today I’d like to answer a question I get asked quite often that I feel is related to your internal core alignment — why don’t I feel anything when I am grounded?

I also get asked just as often, the exact opposite — why do I feel such immediate relief when I get grounded? To me, the answer lies in where you identify yourself in your body, and if that shifts once you get grounded.


Another painting I painted to represent a healthy energy alignment — prints available here.


I personally tend to feel my awareness mostly in my head and chest, so of course when I get grounded I feel an immediate shift as my awareness of the healing flow of the earth beneath my feet re-centers me. Anchors me. A feeling of immense relief drains out from my head and chest and I can feel awareness that in fact I had been holding my breath and clenching my jaw and tightening up my shoulders.

However, if you already are a very energetically grounded person, will you feel the energy shift once you touch the earth? Maybe not. Does that impact if grounding is healing your physical body? Not one bit.

The medical literature is clear: grounding puts the body into a healing state whether you can feel it working or not. You do not have to feel anything on a broader scale in order to have immediate change at the cellular level.

If you want to run through what some of the medical studies on grounding show, I have a resource page right here full of all of the medical literature publications on the healing effects of grounding:


Grounding Medical Studies



But meanwhile, if you would like to learn more about why you may (or may not) feel any different while grounding, I created this video for you 8 years ago! (Excuse the crooked teeth that had not yet been touched by the nighttime aligners I now wear…)

It’s perfect for you if you have ever asked yourself

  • Why don’t I feel anything when I connect to the earth like everyone else seems to?
  • I’ve been using grounding products for a while… why don’t I feel any different?
  • Is grounding working even if I don’t feel it?


Or if you have every asked yourself the exact opposite:

  • Why do I feel overwhelming relief the very moment my feet touch the ground?
  • Why does sleeping grounded make me feel so much better?
  • Why do I feel such a dramatic energy shift when I am grounding?


Give me 5 minutes of your time, and I’ll explain to you exactly why some people can feel such a dramatic shift when they connect to the earth and why others do not.

Everyone is healing. But some people can literally feel this instantly when grounding, and some don’t feel any change even after months of grounding. To watch this video, simply click right here.



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I’ve got you.

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There is nothing like this anywhere else on earth — truly. A physician with 20+ years of experience in how healing flows through the body and how it relates to your different energy centers. You will literally leave this experience transformed from the inside out, head to toe.

Here is a small sample of the feedback I got from participants who took this class when I ran it in 2021

“This class came to me from God. I thank God for you every day in my prayers and meditation. I have been working and working on “something” for the last 11 months. I did not realize that it was my chakras. I have moved so far ahead of where I stayed stuck for 60 years, never feeling like I was enough. Now, guess what? I like myself.” -J.C.

“So powerful, thank you. I just wanted to share, I said to my friend this morning, there is something so different about Laura, she has heart and it inspires me to have as much heart as her and I want to keep taking her classes! I can see such a difference in a leader with heart and no heart. Thank you, from my heart chakra to yours!” – K.M.

“Wanted to let you know that I had a blast practicing what we have learned in this Chakra class. I felt like so many things you said were just coming back to me today, almost as if I had a tiny coach on my shoulder. I am buzzing with energy tonight!!” – A.K.

“I want to say how much I appreciate the flexible structure of this course. I appreciate being able to download the meditations and Q&A’s so I can listen when I can and not have to depend on being connected to the internet to do so. Each week I continue to be amazed and grateful for what I’m learning!– I.P.

“Thank you for addressing every single question I had. I have taken so many classes and workshops where I never felt heard. I have physically been IN classes and still felt passed over. This is so validating and so much FUN! I can’t wait to get started on the next chakra!” -J.C.

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A stack of Chakra healing artwork canvases that I painted for you. All 7 are available as free printables to every student in the class!

xoxox, Laura Koniver, MD