Why Nothing Can Do What Grounding Can Do For Your Health

You CAN feel better!

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Clear air is awesome and nurturing.

Nutrient dense foods and raw juicing is powerful and cleansing.

Meditation is relaxing and centering.

Pure filtered water is hydrating and supportive.

Nutritional supplements can be balancing and healing.

But inevitably, with every holistic healing modality I worked with prior to grounding, there would be some patients who benefit greatly and some who get absolutely no results whatsoever.

Some people heal with a certain diet. Some heal with a particular physical therapy exercise. Some heal with a prescription medication, some with a life saving surgery, some with a chiropractic adjustment, some with acupuncture.

Nothing is universal.

There is no one diet that helps everyone. There is no one adjustment or one surgery or one supplement that will support everyone. There isn’t even one food that will support everyone.

Nothing is universal except for one thing: grounding.

I’ve been a physician for over 25 years now and I’ve seen quite a lot of patients over those years.  And during all that time, I’ve only come across one healing modality that supports the entire body — head to toe, every organ system — in such a powerful way.  Everything else provides indirect health benefits, but grounding directly to the earth means your body is directly healing.

The earth makes the atmosphere for those beautiful deep breaths of fresh air you can take each day.

The earth flows the water that can deeply hydrate your body each day.

The earth grows the food that you juice and the herbs that you take and the nutritional building blocks your body depends on daily.

Those are all powerful and wonderful indirect ways to support your well being. But the most powerful way of all to enhance your health is to touch the earth directly!



Because our bodies are electrical — our heart beat, our brain impulses, our breathing mechanism, our digestion — it ALL relies on electrical signals to work properly.

Food can not be digested, blood can not be circulated, air can not be breathed without first an electrical impulse conducted through the electrical circuitry of our bodies.

So it doesn’t matter what food we eat unless our GI tract is first innervated and activated properly!  It doesn’t matter about air quality if we can’t first innervate and activate our breathing mechanism! Even that pure beautiful air or crystal clear water can not be taken into the body if first an electrical impulse does not conductively activate the body to breathe in or swallow down.

Our whole body is electrical and relies on good conductivity to work.

As a physician I have seen patients in the ICU hooked up to breathing tubes and feeding tubes and if the body is dying, it doesn’t matter if the air is the purist in the world and the water is the finest in the world and the food is the most alive, active, freshly pressed juice in the world… if the body is dying none of these parameters matter.



We have to electrically activate the body, which is what defibrillator paddles are trying to do in resuscitating the heart of the body that is dying, and what a ventilator is taking over for when it tries to breathe for a body that is not breathing on it’s own.  Above all, we have to establish and maintain the healthy conductivity of our body.

Our body has to maintain a healthy electrical circuitry in order to remain conscious and have all of our body organs function effectively.

So to protect our body for a lifetime, we need to nurture the healthy conductivity of our body first and foremost, before turning our eye to the air and water and food quality that enhance our well being.



Touching the earth immediately impacts and supports the conductivity of the entire body — supporting the healthy function of our heart, our circulatory system, our brain, our bone metabolism, our thyroid function, our adrenal function, our skin conductance — our entire body from head to toe

Why is this important to even talk about?

Fifty, one hundred, two hundred years ago we were more likely to spend time barefoot, or be working directly in the earth, walking on the earth, and going back further, sleeping directly on the ground.

But now, we have rubber shoes, cars to travel in, insulated flooring in our home, asphalt coating our roadways, high rises filled with smart meters to live in.

And life is so stressful, more fast paced and competitive and technologically advanced than ever before. We are surrounded by more financial stress, technological smog (EMFs) and artificial foods than previously imaginable.

Stress, higher cortisol, joint pain, dementia, cancer, age related changes — these are all a fall out from a life long inflammatory condition of a lifetime of living disconnected to the earth.  So we better find a way to be absolutely certain we intentionally seek this connection, routinely.



When plants are grounded, they grow two and three times as tall and bloom more and the blossoms last longer. When humans are grounded, we are not going to grow two and three times as tall…. but we are going to feel two and three times more vibrant and healthy and energetic as we do when we are ungrounded.

While the plant world expresses grounded support by vibrant growth, we express grounded support by vibrant HEALTH! Grounding is the only modality that I know of that combines the fullest extent of physical support with the fullest extent of energetic healing.

Nothing else can quite come close to this full state of well being.

No vitamin you take in the morning, that your body will digest that day and try to deliver through your intestines to help nutritionally support your body, will do everything grounding can do.

No amount of sleep you can get the night before to help repair your body to meet the demands of the next day, will do everything grounding can do.

No amount of spiritual support through energy healing modalities such as deep breathing or meditation can support the fullest extent of the physical body the way grounding can.

No modality does both the physical and the energetic work that grounding does, simultaneously.



So while the medical studies show you — through double blinded placebo based studies — concrete evidence that grounding is a healing state for the human body, I want you to know that it’s not just your physical body that is being supported. It’s your mind frame, your soul energy, your Spirit.

Just as we have now shown that being disconnected causes everything from depression to inflammation to accelerated aging (collectively now called Nature Deficit Disorder) the re-establishment of grounding your body to support your health will have ramifications that go well beyond any single parameter or indicator of physical health.

You feel better.

You feel supported.

You feel creative.

You feel inspired.

You feel stronger.

You feel more motivated.

You feel more loving.

You feel more loved.



Nothing quite allows you to become the pure positive vessel of Well Being the way grounding does.

You become open to your soul energy flowing deeply, and meeting your body at its core, deep in your heart center. You become the perfect balance of a physical body that is supported and healthy while being an open vessel holding the most vibrant state of your soul’s energy flowing through your body and resonating out from your core.

When you are in that specific union — of your unique physical body that nobody else has, combined with your unique soul energy that nobody else has, coming together and being totally supported by the healing energy flow of the earth… that is your optimal state of Well Being.

You can offer twice as much of yourself to the world when you feel your well being optimized the way a plant would grow twice as tall because it is grounded and supported by the earth’s energy.

And that’s really the whole point of being alive.

So that you can offer to the world what you are here to offer.  And you can live the unique meaningful life that you are meant to live.

You can go out and radiate twice as much creativity, twice as much goodness, twice as much connection with others, twice as much love to offer, and make twice the impact on this world… and more.



So ultimately, grounding is not just about your cardiac function or your hormonal balance or your sleep quality or your bone strength.  Grounding is about finding a center that is so deep and so pure and so strong that you can truly be the best you possible.

Optimizing all of these other things… cardiac function, sleep, hormones, adrenals, bones, thyroid, insulin, etc… so that just like the plants in the grounding study that grow twice as tall when they are grounded, you can feel twice as vibrant, and twice as open to why you are here and what do you want to express while you are here in this lifetime.

That is what I have witnessed and experienced over and over and over again both personally and as a medical physician with my patients.

Ready to start your grounding journey?

I’ve got you.  Here are a few videos to get you started, to answer the most common questions I get asked about grounding… specifically answering how it works, how long you need to do it to see results, and who it can benefit most:


1. How Does Grounding Work?




2. How Long Do You Have To Do It?




3. Who Should Do It?





Most people start their grounding journey because they need an answer that offers more support than any one single medication or operation or vitamin or exercise can offer.

Many people have found that conventional medicine has not been sufficient to correct the physical ailments the disconnect from the earth has caused.

And most people find that when they reconnect, it’s not just the physical ailments that improve.

It’s the body but it is also the energy level and it’s the mind-frame and it’s the sense of meaningful purpose and it’s the heart that heals as well.

So my goal is to be sure you do not limit your expectations in any way when you begin your grounding journey.  Allow your entire body, mind, heart and spirit to be transformed.  Allow the supportive energy of Mother Earth to fill you up, open you up, support you in becoming the optimized best version of you that is possible.

The future for grounding is limitless as connecting directly to the earth outside is the birthright of all living things. There are very very few circumstances where one would not be able to connect outside and receive that healing flow if only we would remember that it is natural for us to do so.

Even urban dwellers can get connected by standing barefoot in a park or on a concrete sidewalk. Even prisoners in most prisons have access to the outdoors, even if it is concrete, for at least a short period of time each day (for more on this, watch this video on how to get grounded in a city right here.)



I’ve had patients who live several stories off of the ground who hold onto a tree branch that reaches into their balcony and this is how they ground each afternoon.

I’ve had patients who have a cement basement and stand barefoot on this cement while they fold laundry, and this is how they ground each night.

And for those who have mobility limitations, even bed ridden, there are indoor ways to connect directly to the earth while sitting or lying comfortably indoors.

You can actually be grounded indoors while at work, while home watching TV or reading a book, while spending quality time with your loved ones.

The absolutely easiest way to optimize the amount of time you are grounded in a 24 hour period is to start by sleeping grounded all night long.  If you are interested in indoor ways to get grounded that are healthy for you (and eco-friendly for the planet) there are a huge amount of medical grade, high quality indoor grounding tools waiting for you to explore right over here.

Taking action, trying it for yourself, taking a few minutes to put a bare foot onto the earth outside, taking the time to ground indoors as much as possible with indoor grounding tools, can do more to inform you about the healing potential of grounding your body than any amount of words I can write.

Luckily, grounding is the easiest, most readily available healing modality possible.  The only thing you need to do is give it a try, and allow the earth’s energy to uplift, transform and optimize your well being naturally.

The earth is out there, waiting for you.


Laura Koniver MD


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