Why Would A Physician Work With Chakras?

You CAN feel better!

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There are lots of ways to invite well being and healing into your body.

When I work with patients in private consultations I offer many different solutions that work with that patient’s specific situation… everything from helping a patient choose the conventional medical approach that will heal them the fastest, to organic supplements to body work to biofeedback to journaling to yoga to earthing to guidance through career changes and relationship upheavals to fresh ideas that introduce fun and meaning in their current daily routine.

But the one thing I always touch on, in one way or another, is chakra healing.

That’s because I can literally see a patient’s chakra colors when I connect to their energy. I can see which ones are their powerhouse (lots of times when I talk to patients I refer to their strongest chakras as their “super powers!”) and I can see ones that are constricted.

I know that is an unusual statement for a physician to admit, but I’m putting it out there because it is FUN and BEAUTIFUL to see a patients energy when I connect with them and it’s absolutely one of the things I love most about what I do.


Today we begin the Chakra Series and that means we start with Chakra 1.

Is your first chakra in balance? Let me describe for you a typical first chakra patient and you can see if you see yourself in some (or all) of these signs:

Patients that have an imbalance in their first chakra tend to come to me feeling lots of different fears, which they typically deal with by trying to micro-manage or over-control circumstances in an effort to feel safer.

Physically they present with lots of allergies or autoimmune diseases, which is the core expression of not feeling safe in your own skin.

  • Do you have rituals that you need to perform to feel safe?
  • Do you have seasonal or food allergies that interfere with your life?
  • Do you have autoimmune disease, joint or bone issues?
  • Do you focus on controlling your home environment, partners, children or friendships in order to feel secure?


Lots of 1st Chakra peeps find being out in the unpredictable world of nature a challenge, and feel anxious or drained when their home is cluttered or dirty.

Many have sensory issues (tags or textures that drive them nuts!) insecurities about their inner worth, and/or low immunity (frequently catching that latest bug that’s been going around.)


This is the clinical picture of folks who have an imbalance in their first chakra… and that is because the first chakra is all about safety. The first chakra can ignite your survival instincts like no other!

Even routine things that would not trigger a fight-or-flight life saving response in others can cause extreme tension for peeps who could benefit from balancing their first chakra.

That is why a dirty or cluttered home can make them feel claustrophobic… germs everywhere can make them feel anxious… nature or unpredictable situations can make them feel nervous… and they seek comfort in controlling circumstance.


Feeling the chronic stress of needing to control circumstances can physically alter the body you have, making you even MORE susceptible to hyper-respond to normal stimuli. It ups your chances of auto-immune disease and allergic conditions, as your body is on hyper-alert and responds in a fight-or-flight way to otherwise normal stimuli.


Here is the secret to first chakra peeps:

First chakra patients think in terms of connection.

They are constantly concerned (to a life-and-death degree) about their loved ones survival and need to constantly re-confirm their connection to their home and routine and to significant others in their lives and by exerting a measure of control over these (keeping the house immaculately organized or maintained… mapping out routes and having a back up plan… hyper managing their relationships) they attempt to feel safer because they have the illusion of eliminating bad outcomes.


What to do if this sounds like you? No worries. Lots of peeps have 1st chakra issues… my own sweet dear lovable son has safety issues and needs lots of time to warm up to transitions, lots of time to get comfortable around friends, lots and lots of reassuring connection to his immediate family… and is the only one of our family to suffer from seasonal allergies.

The key is, how to support your first chakra so that we can work WITH this energy and use it for your ultimate healing.

I don’t believe in resisting your health situation and this is no different. First chakra peeps are concerned with survival, self-preservation of those and the ones they love, and feeling in control.

These are all fabulous goals and ones that you can support as you open your first chakra and release imbalances that reside there.

Focusing on connection is very comforting to 1st chakra peeps (including my own son!) and so you can satisfy this 1st chakra need by working on deeply connecting in your relationships instead of controlling your relationships.

The other thing that comforts 1st chakra peeps is to connect to the larger picture… stepping back from managing outcomes by focusing on more powerful sources of energy and larger streams of Well Being such as the power of the earth and the power of spirit and the Divine.


Come back on Wednesday and I’ll explain with a few more tips on things 1st chakra peeps can do easily and often to give them the comfort and security they crave while gently dis-entangling from their 1st chakra health issues.

xoxo, Laura