Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You Something

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Skin can speak to us through the location of the eczema patches we have, through acne, through dry tight skin, hives, changes in hair growth, pigmentation, wrinkles, stretch marks…

…and much, much more.



Skin can speak subtly through chronic messages that it whispers to you your entire life…

….or skin can scream loudly and angrily during acute transitions and times of crisis.


But no matter how your skin speaks to you,

there is always a message to be appreciated.



Because our skin replicates so quickly, it is a wonderful mirror for what is going on with the rest of our body and mind:


  • If we are anemic, it shows us quickly.
  • If we are dehydrated, it shows us quickly.
  • If we are malnourished, our skin will lack that robust glow that healthy skin gives.
  • If we have been neglecting our selves in other ways, our skin will reveal us.
  • If we are unhappy, our skin literally sags.
  • If we have lost connection with joy, our skin tells it.
  • If we feel ugly, our skin mirrors that.


Because it covers our entire body, every thought we think and every word we say and every intention we ever have passes through our skin on its way to communicate with the outside world.

So it doesn’t just protect us from the world… quite the opposite is true too:

it translates our inner being to the surface.




It is constantly in contact with and intimate with our inner workings.

Because of this, skin reflects how we feel about ourselves.

Skin forms our barrier, our identity.

It forms what we perceive as *us* and delineates *us* from *the rest of the world*.

Skin is our outer projection of our inner truths.




In short, skin is our boundary.


And every fall… during the most dramatic changing of the seasons, we get an invitation to re-evaluate our boundaries.

And often — do you notice this? — it’s not just an invitation… we are literally forced to reconcile dynamics that we have outgrown or need to confront.


Our body tells us this directly:

  • Fall allergies flare up and make us miserable!
  • Eczematous skin patches worsen.
  • Acne surges as hormones shift and our daily rhythm changes.
  • Feet and hands dry, crack, bleed, and make us more susceptible to infection.
  • Facial skin wrinkles and darkens trying to slough off the effects of a summer full of UV exposure.


Right now is the best time to prepare our skin for the colder weather ahead.


Do you know the best way to repair and protect your skin’s barrier function?

Do you know the most full proof way to hydrate your skin and to nurture it from the inside out?

Do you know how to troubleshoot skin conditions like allergic reactions, exzema flares, dryness, cracking, roseacea, fungal infections and more… before they even start?

I do and I want to help you move into the fall and winter months feeling hydrated, primed and ready.



I’ve put so much medical, holistic and intuitive info into my upcoming

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Ask me anything!

I will tell you exactly what is going on with your skin and how to help, medically and holistically and intuitively.


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xoxoxo, Laura