10 Natural Ways To Get Constipation Relief

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Need to feel lighter and more free?  Try these top 10 holistic ideas!
Need to feel lighter and more free?
Try these top 10 holistic ideas!

I’ve had more questions lately from patients regarding constipation relief than any other topic, so I figured I might as well share some of my top tips for easy bowel movements here on the blog with you today!

Moving your bowels is important on an energetic level, because this is an important way that we process and release old, unwanted, toxic emotions from our body.

Out with the old, in with the new.


Can’t poop? That energetic release process gets S-L-O-W-E-D…. D-O-W-N… way down.


You can fix it naturally, though.

Here is how:


water filter1. Water

Recent medical studies reveal that drinking water has more of an impact on encouraging healthy bowel movements than fiber supplement or exercise.
In fact, I’d go as far as to say fiber supplements clog people up more often than they help.
Step away from the fiber supplements, make sure you are walking each day to stimulate bowel mobility, and drink drink drink water and more water.

In general, a constipated person is a dehydrated person.
You can fix that right now — go grab a glass of water.

(I remove the fluoride from my drinking water… and this blog post explains why!)


walking for health


2. Walking

The way we encourage the bowels to start waking back up post-operatively after bowel surgery is to get the patient up out of bed and walking the hallways.

Walking increases bowel mobility, which goes hand in hand with producing a bowel movement.

If you want more frequent bowel movements, you gotta move more frequently, simple as that. Evaluate if you are walking enough each day and resolve to find more ways to walk further, today.


3. Abdominal Massage

Every morning before I even get out of bed I do two things.

1) I say a prayer of gratitude for my life and for my children.

2) I give my tummy a quick abdominal massage.

Giving your stomach a gentle but deep, stimulating massage will wake up your bowels and is almost guaranteed to ensure a morning bowel movement for you later on that morning.


Just gently rub your stomach in one big clockwise circle before you rise each morning and you will give your gut peristalsis a nudge in the right direction, literally.


4. Fish oil

Any excuse to get in more Omega 3s, fish oil (or castor oil or flax seed oil or algae oil…) supplements will not only help soothe the inflammation in your body from head to toe, inside and out… but as an added bonus it will soften your bowel movements as well.

You really can’t over do it — just take enough fish oil capsules (start with 500mg daily and go up from there) to produce soft and easy bowel movements… if yours are too soft, just back down until you have titrated the perfect dose for you.

(Here is the Omega 3 supplement I am using right now…)


5. Magnesium

Like Vitamin D, many of us are Magnesium deficient and don’t even know it. Magnesium supports nerve, muscle and heart function as well as a host of other biological functions and yep, like fish oil, one of the welcome side effects of supplementing your magnesium level is softer, more frequent bowel movements.

Start with 50mg daily and go up to 400 mg if necessary to find relief from your constipation.

(Here is the Magnesium supplement I use…)


6. Probiotics

Shown to have a huge mind/body connection… probiotics are still underutilized in medicine today (read my blog post on probiotics to find out more here.)

From eliminating colic in infants, to decreasing eczema flares in children to decreasing anxiety and depression in adults, probiotics are so supportive to our entire body, not just our gut.

One thing is for sure, probiotics are necessary for our digestion and health. So if you are constipated, I can assure you that your bowels could use the support of more probiotics.

(Here is the world’s best probiotic supplement…)


7. Digestive Enzymes

If your body could use a digestive boost to help break down foods, decrease abdominal distention and pain, and regulate your bowel movements better… give digestive enzymes a try.

Often as we get older our body gets sluggish about producing enough digestive enzymes, or the ones we do produce are hampered by gall bladder sludge.

Taken with meals, some patients find that digestive enzymes make a world of difference, decreasing abdominal pain after meals, decreasing bloating/distention, and smoothing out the entire digestive process.

(The digestive enzymes I recommend most are...)


8. Praise Your Poop

I’m serious! It took me years to release chronic constipation… and here’s how I did it: an energy healer once told me to give yourself a mental “high-5″ every time you poop because you are literally DUMPING off old unwanted emotional baggage.

Out with the old, in with the new.

It’s so true. Every time you poop, know you are unloading outdated baggage, old mind-frames that no longer serve you, and allowing room for the new. Go you!

Look at pooping as the powerful release that it is!


9. Orgasm

Getting things flowing in our root chakra as a whole will help stimulate the release of your bowels as well.

If you can’t get the bowels to open, you can encourage the flow by stimulation of another kind… orgasm.

While feeling constipated sure isn’t the sexiest feeling in the world… next time you want to increase the flow of *release* through your root chakra, give having an orgasm a try.

(Want other ways to stimulate the flow of your root chakra? Read this blog post here…)



10. Squatting

Squatting is actually the right way to have a bowel movement. The modern toilet (while doing us lots of favors in sanitation) has done us absolutely NO favor in facilitating healthy bowel movements.

Hope over and read this article right now — it’s important — and find out why squatting is the ultimate solution for constipation.

Not sure how to squat while you poop? Me either. Enter, Nature’s Platform.

I hope these ideas and tools and resources for further reading have helped support your next healthy bowel movement… if it does, I will consider my time writing this blog post a major success!


To your bowel mobility and FREEDOM!


xoxoxo, Laura