10 Ways To Use A Cell Phone More Safely

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On the heels of the largest cell phone study ever conducted, which I blog about here, I wanted to create a quick video giving you some easy, actionable ways to decrease your radiation exposure while still having access to your cell phone when you need to use it.

I know I rely on my cell phone on a daily basis both personally and professionally… so I know that giving up my cell phone is not a realistic answer for me.

But as a holistic physician, I also realize that every single cell in our body functions on the basis of conductivity.

That’s exactly why grounding is the most powerful healing tool possible!

But that principle of conductive health is exactly why EMF smog affects us so terribly as well. Every cell in our body relies on conductivity to function, and so every cell in our body is exquisitely sensitive to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) around us.

If you can give me 10 minutes, in the video below I will tell you 10 effective ways to protect your body’s conductivity while preserving your body’s conductive health… things super simple that you can start using today when you are on your phone.





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And here are a list of helpful links that I reference in the video for you:



1. Cell phone radiation study:

Largest Study On Cell Phone Radiation, Here’s What You Need To Know


Hop over here to read my recent blog post where I go over the largest cell phone radiation study to date and give you a free, printable 25 point guide to reducing your radiation exposures.

Free Printable EMF Reduction Checklist




2. The best cell phone shield:

Easily removable (to understand why this is so important, watch the video above!!!)

…and it allows you to be shielded even if you hold your phone up to your head while you are speaking on a live call, without any interruption to your call or signal strength!

The best cell phone shield in the world is available right here.






3. Portable shielding napkin:

Wrap your phone in this shielding napkin before slipping it into your pocket or purse, in the car, on your desk, etc…

…and have the added bonus of always having the worlds healthiest hand sanitizer on hand as well!

As easy & lightweight to carry as a handkerchief! Available right here.


4. Shielding headband:

Particularly crucial for folks who have inner ear issues such as dizziness, vertigo, ringing in the ears… you can have a soft stretchy shielding headband wrapping around your ears protecting your inner ear.

Decrease dizziness and reduce the impact talking on a cell phone has to your vestibular canals and chochela with this headband… grab yours here.



5. Get grounded:

To fully protect your conductive health it’s not enough to reduce radiation exposures, you actually want to boost your cells conductive recovery!

I highly recommend sleeping grounded at night to combat the constant EMF assault your body puts up with all day long.


Hop over here to find the most effective ways to sleep grounded all night long,

as well as the most effective shielding tools:




To your ever resilient, innately robust conductive health!

xoxoxo, Laura