How To Feel Safe No Matter What (Video)

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chakra 1 art

Connecting to the energy of your root chakra

is the key to feeling safe no matter what the external circumstances of life are.


The deep rooted energy of your bottom-most chakra, the root chakra, is the energy of SAFETY.


Dropping down and **FEELING** that inner capacity for safety that you carry within you will help anchor you in times of fear.


In today’s video, I want to give you an instant snapshot of how your root chakra feels and flows within you in this very moment.

Over the next several months I’ll be releasing a different video to connect you to each of your 7 chakras.


That’s because I noticed that the number 1 Google search that brings people to my website is

“Chakra Energy”



So that means I have a lot of readers specifically interested in chakra work!

To help support my readers in every way I possibly can, I’ve created 7 healing videos, one for each level of chakra energy.


Today, let’s start with the root chakra!



Root Chakra Healing:



Want more Root Chakra help?


1. Hang up this Root Chakra Affirmation print in your space to work with daily

2. Read my blog post on 3 Easy Ways To Heal Your Root Chakra

3. Delve into my Chakra Healing eKit, which give you more patient examples of how chakras impact health, copies of healing artwork to print out of each chakra level, a self assessment quiz you can use to determine what chakras *you* would benefit from working with, and more!

4. Tips on Eating For Your Chakra Type

5. Work Directly With Me and I will connect to your soul energy flow and let you know what I see in *your* specific chakras!!!

xoxo, Laura