7 Steps To Decrease Your Lifetime Risk of Cancer

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As an extension of last week’s article, which shows how fasting at night and walking during the day decreases cancer recurrence… this latest medical study shows that it’s absolutely within your power to decrease your lifetime risk of cancer all together!


Published in Nature Dec 16, 2015 (click here to download this important study!) new research shows that cancer is a very modifiable health risk… estimating that less than one third of cancers are actually genetically driven and that the vast vast majority, over two-thirds of all cancers (up to 90% of them!) are actually environmentally induced.


Why is this good news?


Because if the vast majority of cancers are caused by extrinsic factors (not *pre-determined* in your genetic make up) then there are tons things you can do to prevent the occurrence of cancer and decrease your own risk dramatically!

The bottom line of this new study is that researchers estimate as many as 90% of all cancers are caused by environment (meaning — potentially preventable!) and as little as 10% of cancers are truly considered genetically inevitable.

This is important and empowering information to know, as the conclusion of this researcher indicates that cancer risk is influenced most heavily by things *you actually can modify* — more heavily than by things you can’t modify… that is, extrinsic or external factors that you have a direct say in.


After studying many different forms of cancer epidemiology and examining patterns of mutations associated with specific cancers, researchers found that in almost all cases, some exposure to carcinogens or other environmental factors is needed to trigger the development of overt disease.


every heartbeat

Our body is naturally, literally, a healing machine…

we are well equip to deal with mutations on a cellular level and when aberrant cells do arise,

our body naturally gets rid of them through the process of cellular apoptosis.


We’ve all cleared cells from our own body that were potentially carcinogenic in nature… this is what we do even without awareness of the process. Potentially cancerous cells pop up all the time and we clear them naturally.

Also remember, that even if a person is exposed to many or all of these external risk factors, it isn’t a given that they will develop cancer.

Even folks exposed to tremendous risk can remain cancer free.

So on top of our bodies being naturally equip to clear old potentially cancerous cells at all times and out body’s incredibly resilient ability to be exposed to potentially cancer causing environmental stimuli without subsequently developing cancer, we can enhance our Well being even FURTHER by reducing these known environmental carcinogens and decrease our lifetime risk of cancer even more.


This information is very powerful and has the ability to affect your long term health…

so know that *you* always stand in a great place of potential, possibility, and healing… no matter what.


So today, here are seven things you can do starting now that will reduce your lifetime risk of developing cancer by positively and proactively modifying your exposure to the vast majority of the factors that contribute to lifetime cancer risk.


1. Eat organic.



Pesticides and other chemicals (as well as the presence of genetically modified foods) harm our body and affect our ability to heal.

Eat organic whenever possible, wash produce well before consuming, eliminate convenience packaging (never microwave food in plastic containers and try to choose beverages in non-plastic containers when available) and filter your water.


2. Decrease chronic inflammation via grounding.



Connecting to the earth decreases both chronic and acute inflammation, which is one of the major causes of cancer.

Chronically inflamed cells are chronically irritated cells and are more likely to give risk to mutations.

Take away the inflammation, and you reduce cancer risk.

Read more about how grounding can decrease cancer risk in my article here and then hop over to my shop to find all of my favorite, most trusted grounding tools so that you can be grounded as much as possible, both indoors and out.


3. Supplements.

All of these supplements help decrease inflammation throughout the body. I recommend all four of these as part of a cancer prevention plan (I’ll link you to my favorites below):


4. Decrease gluten and sugar and preservatives.

Sugar and gluten are both pro-inflammatory to the body from head to toe (as well as suppressing the immune system!) Inflammation is what incites cellular change and damage and can increase your risk of cancer over time. Limiting or even eliminating these triggers from your diet is incredibly healing for your body.

Even if you can’t cut out sugar or gluten entirely, have a realistic goal of decreasing your consumption of these in half (and eating half as many artificially preserved foods) and you will be slashing your cancer risk.


5. Walking.



As I write about in my article here, walking is one of the best things you can do to recover from cancer (or prevent it in the first place!)


6. Decrease UV exposure.



Skin cancer is still the number one cancer world wide, and certainly UV exposure is one of the easiest things to modify. However, spending time outdoors in incredibly important.

How to balance the two?

Head over here to read my article on how to safely enjoy time under the sun and to find links to my fav sunscreens…

7. Fasting.

As I wrote about just last week, doing a 13 hour mini-fast each night is a great way to support your body’s metabolic function as well as reduce cancer risk.

Hop over here to read about this important medical study if you missed it!

To your longevity, your innate well being, and your eternally bright & beautiful soul…

xoxoxo, Laura