A 5 minute DIY supplement for brain health!

You CAN feel better!

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It’s one of my best ideas ever, I believe.


You see, coconut oil is just so fabbo it feeds your brain, is an extremely healthy source of much needed saturated fat, and supports your entire body inside and out.


I use it head to toe… everything from a hot oil hair treatment to a moisturizer (find out more about all that in my Skin Happiness book right now!) to oil pulling to cooking and as a nutritional supplement to prevent Alzheimers.



But look at this stuff.

Sometimes… it’s hard to choke down.

And then I had a brilliant idea — why not mix it up with chocolate, pour it into ice cube trays or molds of any kind (even just pour it out onto a baking sheet and create chocolate coconut bark!) and pop a piece of delicious candy every day for ultimate brain health!?!?

All I did was this:



1.  Add equal parts organic coconut oil and organic hazelnut butter (Nutella, basically, but you can use your fav chocolate chips or other substitute!)


2.  Heat to melt and stir well.


3.  Pour into any ice cube tray, cookie sheet, lollipop mold or dish.


4.  Refrigerate.


5.  Pop ’em out and enjoy one a day (I recommend storing in the fridge so they stay nice and firm!



Enjoy my friends, and pass this tip along.


You KNOW it’s too good not to share!!!

And I’ve never heard it before so although other peeps might be doing it, it’s got to be new to some of your friends!

xoxox, Laura