Aspirin Prevents Cancer… But There Is A Much Safer Way

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Yet another study reports that long term aspirin use is associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes…

…and specifically a reduced risk of death from cancer.


Remember when I blogged about this back in August 2014?

The study at that time reported a 30% — 35% reduction in the risk of developing colorectal cancer, a 25% reduction in the risk of developing esophageal and stomach cancers, and smaller risk reduction in the other cancer categories (prostate, lung, breast.)

The latest study back this finding up, finding a 7% reduction in mortality from all causes put together in women and an 11% reduction in mortality from all causes put together in men with routine aspirin use.


The Study:

(presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2017 Annual Meeting on April 3, 2017)

  • Researchers collected data from over 130,000 patients, comparing outcomes in patients who routinely use aspirin with those who do not.
  • Researchers followed outcomes on these patients for an average of 32 years per patient.


The Results:

  • Mortality from all causes decreased with regular aspirin use — by 7% in females and 11% in male
  • Cancer mortality (from all cancers combined) decreased as well, by 7% in females and 15% in males
  • Colon cancer mortality decreased by 30%
  • Breast cancer mortality decreased by 11%
  • Prostate cancer mortality decreased by 23%
  • Lung cancer mortality in males decreased by 14%
  • The minimum beneficial dose was a 1/2 tablet of aspirin per week or more.
  • The minimum duration of aspirin use to show decrease in cancer mortality was 6 years of routine use.



The bottom line: It takes about 6 years of daily aspirin use to start to showing benefit.




Certainly, popping a pill each day is easy.

But the truth is that daily aspirin use is associated with very serious health risks as well, including ulcers, bleeding and stroke.

For example, stroke mortality goes up by 21% in those taking aspirin daily. And these risks increase sharply in people over the age of 70.

And even more recently, researchers have discovered that the use of any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is associated with a significantly increased risk for heart attack.

The latest study shows that there is a heightened heart attack risk in the first week of use, is highest during the first month of use (but remains elevated throughout the treatment course) and the risk increases with higher doses.

Following over 440,000 patients, researchers found that NSAID increase heart attacks by up to 99% (almost doubling the risk of heart attack) in the first month. Long term rates of heart attack remained higher, ranging from 24% – 58% increased risk depending on type of NSAID.

So you have to really weigh your risk factors and decide if it is right for you to take aspirin routinely. I think for those with a family history of breast or colorectal cancers, this daily preventive measure might absolutely make sense.

So… if you are interested in using aspirin as a cancer preventive drug, the most common dose is one baby aspirin (81 mg) daily.


But, what if there was something that was totally free…

…that could have the exact same health benefits with less risk?



Would this news grab headlines the way pharmaceutical drugs do?

Because there already is.

It’s called grounding.


I’ve already demonstrated that grounding helps support weight loss naturally (which is one way to decrease cancer risk) and that grounding has already been proven in the medical literature to instantly decrease blood viscosity and allow the blood to move more freely, as well as neutralize inflammation (on of the root causes of cancers and cardiovascular disease.)

Grounding directly reduces blood clumping and therefore decreases the risk of cardiovascular events, which achieves the goal of aspirin but without the increased risk of heart attack and stroke.


So below, to help support your health in the safest possible way, I share with you my favorite resources for finding out more about the health benefits of grounding.

My favorite video, my favorite medical literature review on grounding, and my favorite online grounding course, so you can find out more information in the way that is easiest for you (by watching, by reading, or through taking a class):


Grounding directly reduces inflammation (seen via imaging studies and measured in blood inflammatory markers) which directly neutralizes the inflammation that incites cancer and heart disease: watch for free right now just by clicking here!


For more information, download and read this awesome medical literature review of all of the head-to-toe health benefits of grounding.

Summarizing the past two decades of medical research in one easy to read review paper!


Simply join my next Earth Rx online class and I will go over these studies and so much more, answering every single one of your grounding questions in depth personally!



Earthing decreases both chronic and acute inflammation, which is one of the major causes of cancer.

Chronically inflamed cells are chronically irritated cells and are more likely to give risk to mutations.

Take away the inflammation, and you reduce cancer risk.


Clearly, the media will promote the benefits of taking a blood thinning drug to prevent cancer over the benefits of freely connecting to the earth for blood thinning and potential anti-cancer benefits.

After all, Bayer aspirin alone (not including any other brands or generic manufacturers of aspirin) already reports annual sales of over 1.1 BILLION dollars.

But to me, if aspirin has these types of anti-cancer benefits, than the sky is the limit for the cancer prevention and longevity benefits of grounding!!!

Research is currently on-going right now to evaluate this, and I will absolutely keep you informed as the results come in, so sign up for my newsletter on my home page: to be the first to know.


I for one won’t be surprised at all to hear about the anti-cancer benefits of grounding, as they become quietly discovered and whispered about in alternative medical literature…

… and now, neither will you.


xoxo, Laura

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