Grounding Balances Your Hormones Automatically (Plus 6 More Ideas)

You CAN feel better!

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Today let’s talk about the messengers of our body (our hormones!) and how grounding balances them for you, automatically.


Adrenal function, thyroid function, sex hormones, even leaky gut — it’s all interconnected.

Your energy level, your sex drive, your daily rhythm, how good you feel each day — it’s all improved by getting grounded.

There is a cascade of inflammation and auto-immune signaling in these interconnected hormonal pathways that ultimately lead to thyroid issues, adrenal depletion and out-of-wack reproductive hormones that cause us to feel less than our best.

As a physician, I am convinced that you can not have full resolution of any hormonal issue — adrenal (cortisol) or sex hormone issues (PMS/perimenopause/libido issues) or thyroid issues — without grounding.

Let me share with you exactly why this is so and what you can do about it in the video below. Then I have a nice assignment for you today that will get your hormone levels supported and get you feeling an internal boost…

Let’s get started:




Click below to read the original cortisol normalization study that got physicians first understanding why Grounding is so important to our adrenal function:

Grounding and Cortisol Patterns


And click here to read an overview of how Grounding affects the entire body!


Grounding Medical Literature Review


Want a list and links to all of the medical studies on Grounding over the past two decades?

I pulled this together for you right here:

Grounding Studies — A Complete List


Plus, 6 more holistic ideas to support your

natural hormone balance:

1. Direct Grounding in AM Light


All week long, let’s support your natural healthy energy rhythm by combining morning light on your face with grounding.

Giving your body the *clear signal* that it is daytime is absolutely crucial to feel your best.

Medical studies have shown that a few minutes of morning light on your face is actually **more effective** than a prescription anti-depressant in treating depression!

Combine this with the centering, adrenal supportive healing therapy of Grounding and this one daily practice could very well transform your entire life.

Even one minute is okay… just get out there and do it… all week long and see how your body responds. Your mood. Your energy. Your sleep. Even your sex drive!

In fact, try to allow this gentle routine to become a lifelong habit that will continue to help you feel the very best you can possibly feel, for a lifetime!


2. Assess Your Adrenals



Click the link below to print out my free Adrenal Assessment Quiz to see if your adrenals are functioning optimally. This assessment is part of my 5 Day Adrenal Recovery Online Class.

If you take the quiz and find your adrenals are in need of support, I would love to work with you to repair them! Just fill out this free adrenal assessment quiz to see if your adrenals could use a little TLC heading into spring!

Free Adrenal Assessment Quiz


If you have been through any kind of recent stressful situation or big life transition or change (even fun, positive ones!) chances are your adrenals could use some rejuvination.

In this healing class I’m going to share with you exactly what causes adrenal fatigue and all the absolutely CRUCIAL ways to address it. In fact, we are going to start actually repairing your adrenals together, right from Day 1!

And luckily, my class starts next week! This is the last week to sign up and join in.


3. Eat thyroid and adrenal supportive foods:


What you eat matters.

Click here to print out a list of foods that naturally nurture your adrenals and boost your thyroid!



4. Thyroid supportive supplements:


In addition to consuming thyroid supportive foods as outlined in the printable food list, consider adding on a thyroid boosting supplement.


Grounding, taking thyroid supportive supplements and stopping gut irritation by decreasing or eliminating gluten, sugar and dairy is often enough to make a noticeable change in the need to supplement with thyroid Rx, so be sure to work closely with your in person physician to monitor and adjust (usually decreasing!) your thyroid Rx doses as your body is better supported, your gut heals, and your adrenal glands repair.

Find my very favorite pharmacy grade thyroid supplements in my online dispensary here.



5. Work personally with me all next week!



Let’s go deeper into repairing your adrenals so you feel more like yourself again. Let’s spend next week together to support better adrenal function — possibly better than you have ever had before!



6. Check your hormone levels via labwork:


I know that many patients really like to have definitive answers, in the form of concrete numbers, so that they can know for sure what stage of adrenal fatigue they are in and also so they can follow recovery and repair by repeating the labwork to see concrete results.

If this is you, the test you are going to want is to do a salivary 24 hour cortisol test along with a DHEA test to get the answers you are seeking. You can ask your physician to order these test for you, or contact me if you would like me to have these labs checked for you.

To your vibrant, energetic, always healing, always renewing body!!!

xoxox, Laura