Healthy Teeth Even If You Never Brush?

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healthy teethIs it possible to have healthy teeth even if you hate to brush?



In fact, in my family, I have one child who brushes sparingly and never uses any toothpaste at all.

My son uses only a toothbrush and water, no toothpaste.

Interestingly, the child who absolutely never uses toothpaste (the cute little guy buried in sand to the left) is the ONLY ONE OF US who has had absolutely zero cavities.

Nada. None. Zilch.


So I’ve started seeing toothpaste as just a simple, yet optional, way to add some enjoyment to the toothbrushing process.

And I’m glad about that, because I want my kids to avoid fluoride exposure as much as possible.


Fluoride is toxic in large quantities, absolutely no doubt about it.

You can check your fluoride toothpaste label… right on the tube will be a warning not to swallow fluoride toothpaste, and to call poison control if any more than a pea sized amount is ingested.

In fact, fluoride is not recommended in children under 2 years old because of the swallowing risk… and this is by folks (like the ADA) who are huge supporters of fluoride in general.


  • Fluoride is known to disrupt bone, hormone, brain, thyroid, kidney and reproductive health.
  • And the truth is, even if you feel that you *need* fluoride to help reduce the incidence of cavities… you are getting plenty of fluoride through your foods.
  • Plants store fluoride found naturally in the earth AND from the water used to irrigate crops.
  • Yep, even organic crops have fluoride in them from the irrigation water.
  • Statements from reps of the National Institutes of Health recommend that people who drink large quantities of water should not drink tap water, but instead switch to bottled water.
  • And your skin absorbs fluoride as well, so even when you are showering or taking a bath… you are absorbing fluoride.

We are just getting so much exposure to fluoride on a daily basis… to intentionally consume extra fluoride (whether through drinking water or toothpaste) is too much.


New studies show that about 40% of children today have discolored or pitted teeth from the extreme levels of fluoride we are now exposed to… both topically in toothpaste and internally through food and water.

This tooth deformation is called dental fluorosis, and is caused by abnormal enamel (and even completely absent enamel) formation.

If you have white spots, brown spots, or pitting in your teeth or your children’s teeth, you might look into eliminating fluoride exposure completely.


I think investing in a really great toothbrush and changing the head of it often makes more sense then stressing out about if you should use a fluoride toothpaste or not, and which one to try.


But what about folks (like my loveable son) who simply hate to brush?

Josh Stoddard and Kool Smiles have swung by my blog today with three additional tips for ways to support your teeth without picking up the toothbrush:


Tips to Keep Your Smile Bright, Naturally:


1. Strawberries

Flickr photo by Denim Dave


Strawberries have it all: they’re gorgeous, delicious and healthy.

Strawberries naturally whiten your teeth.

Eat them directly or create a homemade tooth whitener that consists of one part crushed strawberries and one part baking soda. Simply brush the paste on your teeth and let it sit for five minutes before rinsing.

Rinse your mouth afterwards with water, which will neutralize and protect your enamel from the malic acid exposure.

Done sparingly (once every few months) this natural whitening treatment is simple and effective.

2. High-fiber Foods

Flickr photo by Richard North


Fiber is like nature’s little toboggan for your body functions, but it also helps keep your smile in tip top shape.

In addition to helping maintain healthy cholesterol, fiber acts like a car wash for your teeth, says Matthew Messina for the American Dental Association.

High-fiber foods generate saliva and together they physically scrub your teeth as you chew it into pieces.


3. Water

Flickr photo by


Water water everywhere… it’s the liquid that keeps on giving.

In the battle against tooth decay, water is one of your most important allies.

Like your saliva, water helps wash acid and sugar off your teeth, decreasing the likelihood of cavities.

Drink water with and after meal and you’ll protect your enamel and prolong the life of your teeth!




For more tips on a beautiful smile, hop over to to find additional ways to whiten your teeth holistically…

…or check out my fav non-fluoride toothpaste for those of you who love brushing with toothpaste! This is the toothpaste my daughter and I love best!


xoxo, Laura