Tooth Whitening The Organic Way… 3 Simple Steps.

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all natural tooth whitening

Here is another post I wrote just prior to our family crisis.


I wrote today’s post several weeks ago, during the simple, beautiful, pre-divorce days when my life was full of silly fun things like curling my hair and making my teeth nice and white.

Because I had gotten so many emails asking about holistic tooth whitening, I wrote this post to give you the scoop on how to brighten and whiten your smile without any toxic chemicals.


I *trust* and I *believe* that those silly fun days will return, better than ever, because we will naturally re-align with everything that is for my highest good and the highest good of my children.


Do I feel like we are living our *highest good* right now?

Actually… yes.

I *know* that we are.


So… with that in mind, I want to release this blog post that reminds me of lighter days… and talk about something as frivolous as tooth care:


I’ve gotten dozens of emails over the past few months since starting my video series on Reducing Health Anxiety (and I have a new video for you next week that I had recorded when I made the other three…) asking me how I keep my teeth so white, since you all know I LOVE coffee and tea.


It’s very very easy.

It’s also completely non-toxic, healthy and inexpensive. Want whiter teeth? Give this a try!!!!

I love clean white teeth!


Because it is natural for our enamel to yellow as we age, it is an instant boost to your appearance to whiten your teeth… making you look years younger.

I like it even more than plucking my eyebrows for an instant makeover!

I have given up artificial whitening — I’m not willing to do that at the expense of putting chemicals in my body any longer.


Especially sense whatever goes on your teeth is DEFINITELY going to get absorbed by your gums and into your body.

So here is how I boost my whitening naturally.


It’s only three steps and will make a noticeable difference in your teeth!


1. Start by oil pulling.


I talk about oil pulling with coconut in more detail here… but I basically take a small scoop of coconut oil into my mouth and swish it around my teeth for as long as I can stand it — typically I hold it in my mouth for the 10 minute I take a shower, then I spit it out down the shower drain as I am stepping out of the shower and drying off.


The oil works to soften any plaque build up on your teeth, and is a FABULOUS healthy fat for your body so the more your oral mucosa absorbs, the better!


Yes, I know you can read a million protocols on the internet that say you have to do this first thing in the morning before eating breakfast, that it has to be for 20 minutes long, etc… but you know what?

Decreasing Health AnxietyAs I mention in my video here… doing it at ALL, even if its only 5 minutes or at night during your nighttime shower… it is all perfectly fine. Your teeth will definitely get whiter and your body will be happy happy happy with the extra coconut oil exposure.


2. Swish with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.


I use this as a pre-rinse before brushing — I just use a little bit (be sure not to swallow!!! It will burn!) and swish all around, letting it foam all over my teeth and my tongue.

As someone is prone to getting a coated tongue, this has been an amazing way of deep cleaning my tongue and preventing it from occurring.

I spit out the hydrogen peroxide but leave the foaming bubbles in my mouth… and follow with this:


3. Brush with baking soda.


I don’t use toothpaste of any kind… just baking soda.

Although there are lots of great all natural toothpastes (as I review here!) I just have found that for teeth whitening, the combo of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda is AH-MAZ-ING.

And the added bonus of not having to worry about any additional fluoride exposure is liberating.

If you are using a fluoridated toothpaste, and you are a female, please think again.

Fluoride is thinning to your bones and whether you are 20 or 70 you really want to protect the strength and long-term density of your bones.

Read my earlier blog post here for more info!

And honestly, medical studies show it’s not that great for your heart either… as I blog about here.




So that’s it, folks!

Oil pull, swish with hydrogen peroxide, and brush with baking soda.


Do this as often as you like… at least once a week.

I do the peroxide/baking soda thing daily, and add-on a super cleansing oil pull session once a week.

Give it a try for a month and I guarantee you will see noticeable results!!!

xoxoxo, Laura