Heart Resonance: Why Attuning With Others Boosts Our Own Health

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Well folks, this week I’m turning 48. And because I am so incredibly grateful for the love that is present in my life as I get closer and closer to a half century ride on this planet, I’m dedicating this blog post to the healing power of attuning our heart energy with each other.

We all intuitively can feel that connecting with others boosts our health, right? How much better do you feel after a warm hug from a friend, the comforting squeeze of a partner’s hand, or the joy of laughing around a dinner table with your children. Sharing space with a loved one for even one minute is enough to completely turn a bad day into a good one.

Medical studies have shown that increasing your connection to others not only improves your health, it actually increases your longevity. I feel this has something to do with the fact that we merge our natural energy fields together when we are close to one another.

We each produce our own healthy, natural EMF fields. Both the brain and the heart emit measurable energy fields, and it’s a beautiful thing. Which one do you think is largest and extends furthest from our bodies, the brain or the heart?

It’s the heart field.




When our heart energy fields are overlapping, we can become attuned to other, and we can literally feel when we are resonant (or discordant) with others.

Connecting to others is so important that it actually helps provide anesthesia to pain… that’s how much physical closeness helps.

A medical study (published in 2018 in the Proceedings Of The National Academy of Sciences) showed that simply holding hands provided significant analgesia during pain. Another study, published in 2019 in Pain Management Nursing, found a simple hand massage reduced pain as well as provided longer pain free intervals in critically ill patients in a surgical intensive care unit.

Physical touch can even calm brain activity during distress, a study (published in 2006 in Psychological Science) found. In this study, brain activity was measured via a functional MRI while partners held hands with their spouse… hand holding significantly reduced level of brain activity during painful stimuli.



Physical touch even has the power to lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and calm respiratory rate. A study published in 2017 in Scientific Reports found when evaluating patients who had a pain event while being monitored via an ECG… patients holding their partners hands had significant analgesia which resulted in lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate response, and a lowered respiratory rate.

Medical studies are just starting to reveal the healing power of physical touch:

And all of these studies are just from touch the touch of a loved one. Connecting and attuning with each other, overlapping our heart energy fields with those that we love.

So when you fall in love, you are specifically overlapping your heart energy with your lovers heart energy. Your bodies naturally attune together. You grow in love as you grow in sync.




Energy matches, breath matches, you literally become one energy field, together. As you attune together, you feel connected. They become your favorite person, an extended part of yourself.

I love that so much that I painted it. Here was my process:


1. I started by layering beautiful shades of green and teal in overlapping strokes for the background of the canvas:



2. After layering in some pinks and reds along side the blues and greens, I added two overlapping heartbeats:



3. The finished background looked like this:



4. Then I sketched in the outline of two people leaning into one another, attuning their heart energy:



5. Now the fun. I painted the heart energy fields of each, overlapping together:



6. And placed a beating heart — visible from behind — echoing out from the center of their chests:







Attuning: Heart Fields Overlapping In Resonance:



It’s gallery wrapped, 18″ x 18′, and you can find more details about this painting here.


And it’s not just human beings who can attune with each other — do you have a beloved pet?

I absolutely did, a once-in-a-lifetime pup, and unfortunately she passed away about four months ago now. I still miss her every single day. And there is a reason why: our heart fields were attuned to one another for 17 years.

As I talked about in this blog post here, pets actually boost health and longevity, much like connecting to your favorite human. From walking your dog to playing with your cat to letting your guinea pig or bird out of his or her cage for a little play time, pets provide us precious time bonding with a heart energy field that absolutely loves you unconditionally.

To read more about how pets help improve our health, including some very interesting medical studies that have been conducted on this, hop over to this article I wrote for you here:

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I also recorded a podcast for you, on the power of an animal to decrease stress in our bodies after literally only 5 minutes (and not only that, but to decrease stress more effectively than other activities, such as coloring or taking a 5 minute break to relax!)

You can listen to that right here:


The Best 5 Minute Stress Reliever



In addition to attuning our heart fields together with our loved ones, I think another reason human connection is so healing is literally because we physically ground each other. Electrons are always flowing one way or another when you touch someone else, or they touch you.

Although the amount of electrons transferring is such a small amount relative to the amount of electrons in a human body, I believe this is in part why healing touch is so powerful. When you “donate” some of your electrons to someone who is in worse physical condition than you (such as someone in pain, or with an inflammatory process going on) you are supporting them in many ways.

I think this is part of what massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other healers are doing when they touch you. Even your pet can donate electrons to you when it snuggles up with you while you are sick or have a chronic condition bringing you down.

For more information on how to use the healing power of grounding touch to support the health of your loved ones, read this blog post I wrote for you right here:

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So the next time you are near someone you love, take a few minutes to drop down into your heart space and literally feel their energy. Over time you will get incredibly good at attuning with your loved ones, even matching your breathing to theirs without effort, calming and centering them as well as yourself.

Loved ones protect our health and buffer us from stress, so let’s become acutely aware of the precious heart energy of those we love and cherish the time that we are lucky enough to overlap them…

xoxox, Laura Koniver MD