How To Connect With Abundance: Financial And Creative FLOW!

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orange chakra 2



Feeling the flow of energy through your second chakra

…your Sacral Chakra…

is ***THE KEY***

to feeling abundant at all times.

Not just abundance flowing out of you creatively in your career and in your personal life, but coming full circle to you in receiving mode so that abundance can shower blessing back upon you as well.


If any part of your abundance loop is missing:

  • if you are feeling less playful, or noticing less laughter in your life lately
  • if you feel a drought in your creativity
  • or less inspiration radiating out of you
  • or… if you notice trouble with receiving abundance
  • difficulty gaining delightful recognition from others for your soul gifts
  • or a lack of financial compensation flowing back to you fully and easily…

…then this video today is for YOU!!!


Sacral Chakra Healing:

Want more Sacral Chakra help?


Sacral Chakra healing artwork found here!

1. Hang up this Sacral Chakra Affirmation print in your space to work with daily



2. Read my blog post on 5 Tips For Instant Sacral Chakra Relief!



Check out this Chakra Healing eKit here!
Check out this Chakra Healing eKit here!

3. Delve into my Chakra Healing eKit, which gives you:

  • more patient examples of how chakras impact health and solutions at each level
  • copies of healing artwork to print out of each chakra level
  • a self assessment quiz you can use to determine what chakras *you* would benefit from working with
  • … and much more!



4. Read these tips on Eating For Your Chakra Type



5. Work Directly With Me and I will connect to your soul energy flow and let you know what I see in *your* specific chakras!!!

xoxo, Laura