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My daughter and I were Earthingâ„¢ on the sidelines, watching my son play a football game last week…

…and I witnessed his team choose a play and follow through on it over, and over, and over again.



It didn’t matter if the play was a pass, if it was a run, if it was a screen, if it was an audible…

…the team had success when they picked a play and everyone aligned with that choice the best they could.


It reminded me of the work of healing.


Healing is this: making a choice and aligning with that decision, over and over and over again.


Healing can happen through many many many different pathways.

Healing can happen through healthy foods, through herbs, through essential oils, through rest, through chiropractic alignment, through massage, through acupuncture, through surgery and through hundreds of other ways too.

Healing can meet you wherever you are.

There is no wrong way to heal.

There is just that act of aligning with healing.


As in a football game, you call a play and you align your energy with that play.

Over and over and over again.

Call the play and follow through.

Then call another one, and realign with that one.

And again.

And again.

Sometimes you’ll need to call an audible.

Sometimes you’ll need to pass.

Sometimes you’ll take a time out.

And sometimes you’ll run that entire field in one gorgeous run.


There isn’t one magic way to get that ball across into the end zone… there is only calling a play and aligning with that play, and then when the play is over, aligning with the next one.


In football, you have to stay very present to the current call.

You can’t be thinking about the last call and you can’t always call the same play every time.

You need the mental flexibility to align with the call that makes the most sense in the current moment.


This is what I witnessed on the football field and this is what I counsel patients to do over and over and over again.


You can’t get it wrong.

You absolutely *can* realign with health.

You can do so right now.


I wanted to share this free printable poster I created a few months ago again with you again on the blog so that new readers could use it too:

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Here is how you heal: you feel your way there.


All you’ve got to do is feel your way back to the well being of your soul… making health care decisions based on what aligns you with your soul energy.

You *know* your soul is doing okay no matter what is happening to your physical body.

So any decision you make that lines you up with your soul energy is a step to realign you into perfect health.

Sitting with medical decisions… you ask yourself:


  • Which choice brings you a sense of relief?
  • Which choice brings you a sense of calm?
  • Which choice brings you an intuitive knowing?
  • Which choice brings you strength?


Here is an example of how I made a health care decision in my own life using this technique.



Everyone feels their own intuition in a unique way:


  • For me, I feel around for what brings me a sense of relief (because I generally feel anxiety when I am disconnected from Well Being.)
  • For others, they are going to feel their way around to find what feels most empowering (because their trigger is fearing a lack of control over the health situation.)
  • For yet others, they are going to feel their way around what is calming and centering, because their reaction to illness is anger at the situation.



No matter what your feelings are about your current health situation,

aligning with the course of action that *feels right to you*

is how you find the quickest path to healing.


That’s why no one else can do it for you.


A nutritionist can recommend different supplements, a chiropractor can recommend different adjustments, a physician can recommend an operation or a prescription and an acupuncturist can offer different meridians to stick pins in, but none of us can know which path will align you more quickly with the well being of your soul but YOU.



So your healing journey is just three simple steps:


1. Remembering that your soul already stands in well being… always.

2. Feeling which healing modality feels best to you (usually in the form of a sense of relief, a sense of calm or a sense of knowing/understanding)

3. Actively following through on using that modality to heal by aligning with it


Do it again and again to re-evaluate how close you are to aligning the Well Being of your body to the Well Being of your soul.


There may be changes and detours along the way, just like in a fast paced, high action football game.

But if you are consistently making your choices based on what brings you closer to your own personal soul alignment… you will get there.


xoxoxo, Laura


Laura Koniver, MD

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