Knowing What Won’t Ground You Outside Is As Important As Knowing What Will

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I recently got this fabulous question from a reader:


“I was wondering if you can effectively ground through cement? I was under the impression that you needed to be on grass, dirt or sand. I live in Las Vegas, lots of concrete with very dry dirt and stone.” – G. D.


I love this question because it’s super important to know not just what will ground you when you head outside… but what actually might be preventing you from being grounded at all.

Sadly, you can spend your entire day outside — eating outside, playing games outside, practicing outdoor sports, hiking outside, even camping outside all night long and never ever actually be grounded for one single second.




I hear this all the time from nature enthusiasts and hikers and back packers and campers, who believe that just because they spend lots of time soaking up the sunshine and fresh air of the great outdoors, that they are avid grounding folks too.

But that just isn’t necessarily true.

So today, I’m going to show you what surfaces will block you from reaping all of the benefits your body craves — and it really does crave spending time connected to the earth:



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I’ve been meaning to make that video to show you what surfaces WON’T ground you, ever since I made this video a few months ago showing you what surfaces outside WILL ground you!



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If you have any other questions about grounding, hop over here to read my recent article on the Top 20 Most Common Grounding Questions I Get.

In it, I give you quick and easy answers for all of the toughest grounding questions I am routinely asked.

And below I’ve made some quick easy visuals of a few of the outdoor surfaces that will and won’t ground you. Feel free to share these images!

But if you are like me and want to see it for yourself, I show you what will and won’t ground you using a ground test meter in the two videos above. In those videos, I demonstrate all of these surfaces plus many many more!




Ready to get outside and feel it for yourself?

I’ve got you.


I truly believe that the practice of grounding — one person at a time, on minute at a time — can help save the entire planet and put it on a different trajectory than the doom-and-gloom path it’s been on.

I don’t feel it’s an exaggeration to say that introducing grounding to your friends and family is the first step to getting them to open up to holistic healing… actually often it’s enough to get them open up their minds about anything, point blank.

Understanding that environmental activism goes hand in hand with embracing social and economic activism too, which means that showing someone how to get empowered in their own personal healing journey can be the first step to taking back their own power in many many different aspects of life.

So I wrote this book to tell you how, to give you hope, and to help you feel interconnected to this world we live in and all the people on it.


The book is called The Earth Prescription and it’s waiting for you right here, right now:


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To your natural, innate, resilient health… a health that you can boost any time, almost any where… just by getting grounded.

xoxoxo, Laura