Life Hearts… hearts in my world, part II

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Are you ready for more hearts? Considering this blog is my “Heartsong” and it is the month of Feb… even if it is heart overload, I gotta do it!

These are more hearts from my world. To see pics of the cool hearts we’ve found in nature over the past year, see part I of this blog post.

These hearts are hearts found in our daily life, from foods to creations my kids have made. Didn’t think dog food came in hearts? Think again. Nothing is off limits in this household!

Enjoy… and see you here on Friday for a little more Moon loveliness… a beautiful moon necklace that any goddess (read: you!) would shine in. xoxo

A heart we found staring up at us as we chowed down to Chinese take-out!

Clara found a heart shaped noodle fragment in a dinner I made one night!

A dog food *cake* my son made for his dog Brownie on her birthday

Miles wrote: “I (heart) Mommy” on our front porch last summer

Okay, so this technically doesn’t have a heart in it, but it is simply WAY too CUTE not to put into a valentine’s related post. I mean, come on. My sweet daughter when she was only 6, wearing a red skirt, painting on “I love famaly” — so cute! — underneath what would become a very very purple bedroom. Love it! xoxo