A Simple Tip For Navigating Life’s Ups And Downs

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Alive painting

Life is full of ups and downs…

… that is how you know you are ALIVE!


My daughter and I painted this original artwork together a few weeks ago.

She inspired this artwork through a conversation we were having one night about how our own journey has had so many ups, downs, highs, lows, and beautiful amazing valleys of spaciousness in between.


The variable nature of life reminded me of our a heartbeat — the core of our heart chakra, the core of our ability to connect to others, the core of our own life force beating through our bodies.


Pulsing up and down through highs and lows, peaks and valleys, ever moving forward.


  • As a physician I can tell you that nothing is more beautiful than hearing the healthy movement of electrical activity through a heart to tell me that a patient is alive and well.
  • As a mother I can tell you that nothing is more exciting or magical than hearing that first heartbeat of your own child, beating beautifully as it grows inside of you.
  • And as an intuitive, I can tell you hands down, nothing is more beautiful than heart chakra energy beating in time to the flow of life, those ups and downs that open you up to experience the journey fully.


heart chakra

Need a reminder for when those downward swings knock the breath out of you?

Use your own heartbeat as a tool that proves to you, every single minute of every single day, that it’s okay to have ups and downs, and that you are still moving forward.

Just place your hand over your heart, take a few deep breaths, and recenter.

Let the natural fluctuation of your own heartbeat remind you that it’s okay to have highs and lows throughout life.



It’s not only okay, it’s actually the most natural rhythm of life.

Well Being still abounds, whether you are in that high, or in that low, or in that neutral plateau in between.



Want more tips on how to remain as healthy as possible during times of stress?




  • … or simply hang up a print of this artwork where you will see it everyday as a reminder that you can and will move through all of the ups and downs that life offers.



Both the article and the video will give you lots of ideas to help support you through the inevitable highs and lows of life.


I believe in the importance of sharing positive, uplifting health information…

…so I truly hope that today’s tip — using your heartbeat to give you courage through life’s ups and downs — gave someone out there a little extra comfort in the present moment… and confidence in the future.

xoxoxoxo, Laura