Looking Deeply…

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See Beyond The Surface… healing artwork


There really are two ways to look at everything, and the more I remember that the more flexible and kind and patient and loving I am able to be.

So I created this artwork as a physical reminder.

Literally ripping an old anatomy diagram of the eyeball out from my med school textbook, I left half the way they taught it. Cold and clinical. Can’t tell if the eyeball is a dead or living representation… just the mere facts.

But then I added the energy, the life force to the second half… because how you see something and what you choose to perceive makes all the difference in the world to how you react and where you go from there.


There are two ways to see.

  • The first way is just to look at the surface of your life and everyone in it and think everything is coincidental and random.
  • The second way, and by far the more interesting way, to use your eyes to see what lies beneath the surface… see the energy and love and divine intervention that guides your life and your path.


Seeing more deeply into reality you just can’t help but stand in awe and gratitude at how magnificent it is just to be alive… well, that’s the way I want to see the world and so I created this work of art to remind me.

Dropping judgements and jealousy over superficial things and seeing deeply into the wonder and interconnection… grateful for it all… that is the quickest way to invite absolute and pure Well Being to infuse our lives.

xoxo, Laura


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