July 11, 2012

Chakras and Food — You are (how you feel about) what you eat!

Hi Peeps!!! Last Monday I talked about my vision that intuition and medicine can be completely compatible with each other, each providing information that can exponentially strengthen health when combined. So today I want to give you the perfect example of this… how medical knowledge of the human body is enhanced by intuitive knowledge about food choices. Many times the food *struggles* that my patients thought they were having weren’t really struggles at all. It was their body trying to tell them what it needs. Often the person has food cravings that are absolutely perfect for the energy work they […]

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Looking Deeply…

  See Beyond The Surface… healing artwork   There really are two ways to look at everything, and the more I remember that the more flexible and kind and patient and loving I am able to be. So I created this artwork as a physical reminder. Literally ripping an old anatomy diagram of the eyeball out from my med school textbook, I left half the way they taught it. Cold and clinical. Can’t tell if the eyeball is a dead or living representation… just the mere facts. But then I added the energy, the life force to the second half…

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