Brand New Holiday Gift Sets For Your Favorite People

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Yes… I know, I know:

it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.

But most of the items I offer are custom made (just for you!) when you place an order.

And because they are hand sewn by local artisans, they can take several weeks to have made and ready to ship…

…so the deadline for ordering from my shop in time for holiday gift giving is the end of next week: Friday, November 29th.


Therefore, today I give you my 10 favorite gift ideas for all the loved ones in your life!


1. For the DIYer


This DIY grounding kit allows Do-It-Yourselfers to simply and easily set up a grounding zone in their home or office or on-the-go! Know someone who has a unique grounding need, or simply wants create their own grounding surface?

With this kit they can create a strong ground anywhere they like — down walls, across ceilings, lining the inside of a tent or RV, running along floorboards, across bedsheets, across chairs, even a pet bed. Cut the tape into as many pieces (in any shape or size they desire) and ground multiple areas. Stick onto any surface, then clip on your ground cord and you are instantly grounded!


Yes, I know someone who would prefer to rig up their own grounding area!



2. For the Outdoorsman


This kit contains everything your favorite adventurer needs to ground during the day on their adventures, as well as sleep blissfully shielded all night long. Solid wood, hand made grounding walking stick keeps them grounded as they navigate nature’s terrain… then an organic shielding sleeping bag helps them curl up for a full night of the most protected, restorative sleep possible.

Using all natural, eco friendly and non-toxic materials, both the sleeping bag and the walking stick are custom hand crafted, artisan made( by hand) just for you. With free bonus treats included: my favorite Warm Skin skin protectant so they can comfortably stay outside longer, plus an autographed book written by my favorite outdoor adventurer, MaryJane Butters, founder of MaryJane’s Farm (do yourself a favor and read her inspiring story right here… my goodness I love this woman!)


Yes, I know someone who’d love to be grounded and shielded as they roam!




3. For the Dreamer


In this fast-paced, artificially-lit, EMF-pulsing stressful world, it’s almost impossible to find the quiet, to go within, find your dreams, and re-align your soul. But if we don’t re-connect with our own inner needs, touch base with what our soul feels good about and nurture our own desires, we will arrive at the end of our lives wondering what we did with it all.

To help you favorite loved one turn inwards and connect with their own soul knowings, I’ve created this little gift set that is perfect for anyone who is feeling a little bit (or a lot bit) burnt out. Including yourself, if you are the one that needs a little encouragement to take time for some TLC.

This kit encourages you to take a moment each night before bed to pick a healing focus card, journal your day’s experiences and goals, release your to-do list, and deeply relax your body with a magnesium lotion massage.

Ahh… now doesn’t that feel better?


Yes, I know someone who deserves way more self care!




4. For the Germaphobe


I love these silver cloths so much that they were my “Oprah moment” last year with my girlfriends — we were each to bring one item that we could not live without to share, and my germ-busting silver cloth was an easy no-brainer.

I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of illnesses that I pick up throughout the cold and flu season since keeping my silver cloth clipped to my purse. In this kit, I’ve combined my three favorite ways to cut down on all of the germs I’m exposed to every day into one gift, so your favorite germ-avoidant friends can still get out there and navigate those holiday parties this winter without fear!


Yes, of course… I have a germaphobic friend too!




5. For the Nature Lover


We all know someone (or are that someone!) who prefers dancing around in nature barefoot (all the best people do!). But by the holidays, bare feet are no longer a sensible option, so this is the most incredibly thoughtful gift. Your favorite nature lover can still stay connected to Mother Earth simply by switching to grounding through their fingertips.

Using this Winter Hands Grounding Kit their hands stay toasty warm by layering conductive gloves with warm wool fingerless gloves, their fingertips are still instantly available to ground any time, any place. Touching trees, rocks, cement, the ground and more all winter long, while their feet stay bundled up inside socks and rubber soled waterproof snow boots! Contact with Mother Nature is absolutely possible year round, if you have the right tools.


Yes, I know someone who’s favorite love affair is with Mother Earth!




6. For the Snuggler


If you know someone who loves to cuddle, and especially if you can’t be there in person this holiday season, you can still wrap them up in a snuggle… and support their health and healing by grounding them, too!

Like sending a warm hug in the mail, my grounding hot water bottle is the ultimate winter gift. Your loved ones can fill it with hot water and sleep grounded all night long, placing it by their feet to warm cold toes, hugging it to their heart or abdomen for comfort, placing it behind their neck to relax tight muscles…

…and in the warmer months it will be every bit as useful, because the water bottle can be filled with ice water to apply soothing grounding relief to ice sore muscles and joints, as a cold pack over the forehead to relieve headaches, and much much more.


Yes, I know someone who would love a warm, grounded hug!




7. For the Pet Lover


Not only is is awesome for the health of your favorite animals to get outside on the earth for grounding time each day, but you can harness that grounding power — **literally!** — and benefit from being grounded too! Did you know that your furry friend is grounded when they are outside? It’s true — you can stay clean and bundled up and with protective footwear on when you go on a walk, and just by touching your pet while outside on the earth or on sidewalks, you are grounded too.

If you know an ultimate pet lover that adores spending time with their pup, gifting them this organic grounding collar and leash set is the most wonderful way to support their health while they spend time with their beloved fur baby.

Duh, of course I know a friend who is obsessed with their pet!




8. For the Yoga Nut


Stretching the body is not only therapeutic to the muscles and joints and bones, but helps literally support the health of our body from recovering from trauma and treating PTSD to helping support deeper sleep at night. It is no wonder that yoga is one of my top recommendations for theraputic physical therapy to my patients.

Ideally we would be grounded while doing yoga, but typically we are indoors. That’s why I created this grounding yoga mat. Because even if all you have each day to stretch out your body is ten minutes before bed or upon waking, if you can do those ten minutes grounded, your body is on the fast track to healing and supported energetically, physically, spiritually during your yoga practice.

Simply clip the ground cord onto the conductive stainless steel ribbon at the end of your mat, and any time one single cell in your body touches that grounded ribbon, you are grounded from head to toe. Take your yoga practice to new heights by practicing grounded yoga.

I have a very limited number of these grounding yoga mats, so if you know someone who this would be the perfect gift for, grab yours quickly right here:


Yes, I know a friend who would love to do sun salutations grounded!




9. For the Electrosensitive


New studies show that shielding the head while you sleep can offer additional benefits to your health, including a dramatic reduction in autoimmune disease symptoms. Luckily, you don’t have to be sick in order to shield your entire body and protect your long term health. You rely on your brain for full functioning day and night, no matter what you are doing. Allow it to get deep, restorative sleep while protecting it from the radiation exposures that we are all subject to around the clock.

Our natural health can rebound from almost anything if we give it the space and time to heal… so if you know someone who is healing an illness or simply could benefit from shielding their electrosensitive brain (yeah… that’s all of us!) while they sleep at night to feel infinitely better the next day, this gift set is for them.


Yes, I know someone who is EHS and I’d like to protect their precious brain!




10. For the Skeptic


Do you have anyone on your holiday list that you would love love love nothing more than to introduce grounding to?

If so, this is the most uplifting, reinforcing, positive way to do it: a fun movie night where they can learn all about grounding while experiencing it for themselves the entire time… all from the comfort of their own home! Two DVDs, a grounding wrist band, and even a grounding tracker notepad to encourage them to make grounding part of their new daily health routine. Each kit will ship bundled up with a bag of organic popcorn, ready for gift giving.

Treat your most precious loved ones not just with the gift of entertainment, but with the gift of supporting their health… while letting them experience the joy of grounding for themselves.


Yes, I have a loved one I want to introduce grounding to!



Sadly, the cut off date for any of my hand sewn, custom crafted healing tools


(which is most of my grounding and shielding products… even ones that are not in this gift guide, like my organic grounding sheets, organic shielding blankets, shielding clothing and so much more!)

is: November 29th… that’s next Friday!


So please place order this week to ensure your healing tools are delivered in plenty of time to celebrate the holidays with all of your beautiful loved ones.

To the vibrant health of all of your very favorite people!

xoxoxo, Laura