Nurturing Your Own Health Through Difficult Times

You CAN feel better!

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I am going to re-post a great article I wrote last year… 10 ways to nurture your body and soul right in this very moment.
It’s a blog post I’ve needed to go back and re-read to remember how to nurture my own soul as I travel through some difficult and dark times.


As I said on my Facebook Page:

“A few weeks ago, I would have said the purpose in life is to soak in every second of it, enjoy it, laugh as much as possible, have fun, smile, and fill your heart with gratitude as much as possible.

Living with that philosophy for the first 39 years of my life was so pure and innocent and beautiful, and I would not change the beauty of that time.

But now, I move into a deeper realization that… from now forward, for me the purpose in life is to find and hold onto the one thing that you *know* you came down on this earth to do… the thing that makes you YOU that can not ever and will not ever be taken away from you, no matter what you go through.

Your specific soul purpose is bigger than pain, bigger than tragedy, bigger than joy, bigger than having a happy life.

This deep meaning is your one truth, and this truth can not be taken from you.

This truth makes you glad you came down here on this planet in exactly this way to live exactly this life, even if there is pain.

This truth is yours and gives your life meaning whether you live a long or short life, a happy or sad one, a lucky or a tragic one.

This truth feels more *real* then any happiness I have ever experienced.

This truth is raw and open and vulnerable.

This is what I am now stepping into and happiness is not a part of it at the moment, and yet still I choose to step.”

Thank you so much for witnessing this journey with me, and it is my hope that watching me go through this process will give you some ideas on how to nurture yourself in your own transitions or support someone you love who is as well….

xoxoxo, Laura


10 Ways To Nurture Yourself… Today


Quick fixes for you today to feel reconnected and happier.

It’s part of my chakra series of blog posts… today we are focusing on the crown chakra.


Do you feel lonely? Isolated? Frustrated?

Do you tend to be harder on yourself then you would be on others?

Do you take things out on yourself, of feel responsible for things that are out of your control?

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Loss of pleasure in the small things?

Lost the spontaneous laugh you used to have?


If any of these things sound like you, let yourself off the hook and open to the possibility that it is simply a matter of rebalancing your crown chakra.

Time for some self nurturing and crown chakra care.


Do you need more nurturing in your life? Here is a mini-checklist to see.


Symptoms of an imbalanced crown chakra:

  • Mood disturbances
  • Depression
  • Loss of pleasure in daily life
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • Feeling lonely
  • Genetic disorders
  • Life threatening illness such as cancer
  • Learning disabilities
  • Trouble focusing
  • Decrease in short-term memory
  • “Fuzzy brain” or going on “autopilot”
  • Feeling excessive guilt or upset with self often
  • Putting yourself last, neglecting self-care
  • Getting frustrated easily or often, or over things that did not used to frustrate you



Sometimes we are so very hard on ourselves when what we are really doing is functioning the very best we can under extremely difficult energy dynamics.


We can shift these energy dynamics so that we can find relief.

Once you find relief, you find peace.

Peace leads to joy.

Joy leads to your laughter coming back in… lightness… room to breathe.

Then love. Reconnection. Belonging to the world again, feeling like you are back on your true life’s path.


There is a soul reason for being alive right here, right now, at exactly this time in exactly this place and in exactly this way.


Right now, today, here are 10 things you can do to help shift your energy, open up to the divine connection that surrounds you, and give yourself a break.



1. Release that which drains you


Generally 7th chakra peeps put off following through on releasing relationships and commitments that drain them because they feel guilty.

Connect with the *knowing* that guilt does not serve you and release whatever is in your life that is keeping you stuck.

Guilt should not be the motivating factor behind how your make decisions.

Follow through with releasing things that no longer serve you even though you anticipate feeling guilt.



2. Repair your sleep cycle


Many patients with 7th chakra issues suffer from poor sleep.

Make regaining a restorative sleep cycle a priority.

Remove EMF’s from your bedroom, make your bed a sanctuary (not a home office!) and allow yourself 8 or 9 hours of sleep a night. Take melatonin to reset your internal clock. Avoid caffeine after noon. Create a nighttime ritual of bathing, massage, hot tea, journaling, lighting a candle, yoga stretches to release and relax, looking at the moon on your way up to bed… whatever you pick, stick with it consistently and get yourself into a good routine that gives your body a fighting chance of getting the rest you need.

If this is impossible with your schedule, perhaps you can add an afternoon or mid-morning nap to your day. Find 30 minutes to close your eyes and let go of the demands of the world.

You must must must make taking care of your body and relaxing your mind a priority if you want to simply FEEL GOOD again.



3. Fasting


Crown chakra folks often respond well to short periods of fasting.

Consider a three-day fast over a long weekend — either a full fast from food (drinking lots of water,) or perhaps choosing a partial fast — drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices or eating one meal a day and with hot water and lemon for the other meals.

Be sure to combine your fast with lots of self-care and nurturing — lots and lots of walking (no harsh exercise) and deep breathing and fresh air. Grounding to the earth often by sitting or laying outside under the open sky. Setting the intention to let go of the old and creating a fresh slate from which to honor yourself and your worth from this day onward.



4. Focus on gratitude


Keeping a daily gratitude journal is a great place to start.

Every single time negative emotions arise… whether they are depressive feelings, guilty feelings, angry feelings or simple feeling stressed, take the time to reconnect with three things you are profoundly grateful for.

If you cannot immediately connect with three things that bring you to your knees with gratitude, then you are in desperate need of self-care. You have shut yourself off from the state of gratitude by cutting yourself off from feeling worthy of self love.

Losing touch with gratitude is an emergency situation.

Take this seriously and consider a day off, a stay-cation, asking for help (yes, you have to ASK for help!) from friends and family or reaching out to a professional to get you reconnected to gratitude again.

Gratitude naturally reminds you that you are in the right place and on the right path.

Reach for gratitude before trying to tackle the other emotions you may be striving for such as joy, bliss, laughter.

Sustained gratitude will bring these gifts to you effortlessly.



5. Meditation


One of the hardest things to do when your crown chakra is imbalanced, meditation is actually the simplest and most direct way to reopen that 7th chakra.

Taking just 5 minutes a day to focus on your breath can change your entire life.

Even taking just three deep breaths in and out and quieting your mind can help get you through everything you need to tackle each day.

Use it often and liberally… that deep breath will help bring you back to your center.



6. Focus on spiritual connections


You are not alone and you are always lovable… you must know that and feel that on a cellular level.

If you have forgotten how divine and interconnected you truly are, seek out resources to reconnect you.

Whether you like to read spiritual books written by people who inspire you, attend religious services, pray, listen to inspirational music, look at inspirational artwork, spend time in nature, visit sacred places or all of the above, take the time to deepen your spiritual connection in real life (not just in on-line groups!) and remember what you already know — that you are never alone and that you are precious and loved.



7. Crystals


The crown chakra is quite sensitive to crystal energy and you can use this to your advantage. In particular, amethyst and quartz help balance the 7th chakra.

Bring crystals and gems that you love into your surroundings, place one on your desk, by your bed, in your pocket to carry around all day.

Even carrying a stone or rock you feel drawn to that you notice in your yard or in the park or along a walkway will strengthen you. Pick it up! Hold onto it.

If you are not outside around rocks, get outside!

Taking the time to step outside and be nearer to rocks, gems and crystals is ultimately both grounding and uplifting at the same time.



8. Stand under the stars tonight.


One of the best ways to feel reconnected immediately to something larger than yourself (and to remember that you are a part of the grand design… yes, YOU!) is to stand under the nighttime sky.

Astrology can be very revealing and healing for the crown chakra, so star-gazing is wonderful to instantly shift your energy.

Feel the magic? Who can stand under the vast expanse of the nighttime sky, remember that we are all standing on a rock that is rotating in orbit through space, and not marvel at the grand mystery of it all?

Reconnecting with the mystery is to reawaken to joy and wonder and possibility.

Soak in that possibility and live in possibility. Anything is possible unless you’ve convinced yourself otherwise.

If you feel stuck, consider an astrological reading to remind you of your importance and bigger purpose in the universal design.



9. Reiki


Getting a reiki treatment from a reiki practitioner is an easy and instant way to feel that universal reconnection, open your crown chakra, and receive universal energy.

It’s all about letting go of harshing on yourself and opening up to receiving universal love.

It’s impossible to receive the healing flow of Reiki and not shift your crown chakra at least a little.

Treat yourself to a reiki session, or better yet, enroll yourself in a reiki training course and become a reiki master yourself!

Everyone and anyone can do this and if you are a 7th chakra peep, I can think of nothing more healing then you becoming a conduit of universal energy.



10. Watch these FREE Healing Videos.


Get even more (totally FREE) healing advice on how to take care of yourself and stop the cycle of self sabotage by watching my free healing videos.


Make a commitment to take care of yourself.

You can’t keep neglecting your own health and expect to feel better.

You absolutely can step into the healing vortex and invite your body to heal, but you just need to know where to begin.

This will help you get started.