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On Monday I had a wonderful guest give some great tips on reducing anxiety and taking charge over anxiety.

I struggled with extreme anxiety as a child and a young adult, and feeling like I have loosened the grips of anxiety over my life makes me feel so free.

But recently, as I was preparing for my role in filming The Grounded and traveling down to interview two moon walking astronauts... well, I was pretty nervous.

I’ll admit it, very very very nervous.


Trouble sleeping, knot in my stomach, insecure about everything from what I look like to if I’d remember what I wanted to say as I approached these heroes…

…well, let’s just say my anxiety returned.


One of the things that really grounded me was lots and lots of earthing, which I explain here.

And it was really awesome that I was able to be barefoot while interviewing the astronauts, because I could feel the comfort and support of the earth the entire time I was in the spotlight.


But the other thing that really made a HUGE difference in my ability to cope with the situation was acupuncture.
Acupuncture is one of my favorite recommendations for anxiety.

  • As the acupuncture needles go into place I can literally feel the energy drop down from my over-active mind and just soothingly vibrate down through my body.
  • It is such a release and also longer lasting then other body work that I’ve tried.
  • For me, it is just longer lasting and more effective than a deep tissue massage, more physical than Reiki, and more grounding then meditation.


The high cost of private acupuncture kept me away from trying acupuncture sooner, until a dear friend told me about Community Acupuncture. This is an amazing organization that is dedicated to making acupuncture available and affordable to communities across the country.

You can check out their website to find the acupuncture clinic closest to you.

I went in for acupuncture several times before my movie filming and just left each time feeling like a totally different woman.

Centered, calm, grounded… out of my worry and into the excitement and the adventure, present for what was unfolding.

If anxiety is something you deal with, I highly recommend you give acupuncture a try!

xoxox, Laura