Our family motto…

You CAN feel better!

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Everything always works out for us. We say that out loud to each other almost every day. I know I say that to myself, and really *feel* it, multiple times a day.

I was just saying it to myself today and I realized… this must be our family motto. It made me stop and realize how far we’ve come, and wonder how this became our motto.

Only a few short years ago this wasn’t a thought that would routinely cross my mind. I felt blessed, no doubt. I felt joy at being a mother and a wife, absolutely. I adored my children to the point of utter obsession. It was hard to breath, it just took my breath away. But although I was often grateful, I don’t think I lived *in gratitude*.

I had my bad days like everyone else… we had our large financial debts from medical school and credit cards, I was having trouble deciding if I should go back to work as a physician, growing pains at identifying myself as a stay at home mother, trying to settle into my style of homeschooling, having two (wonderful!) young children was physically exhausting, no room for the type of painting and crafting and expanding that I wanted to do… and *who am I?* and *where am I going?* were constant questions that pressed on my heart.

Normal life, I think.

How did I go from enjoying, but *surviving*, each day, to this expanded feeling of *owning* each day…

I didn’t wait for everything to start always working out for us before I started to *feel* like everything was always working out for us. In other words, I did not wait for circumstances to change, but I changed in my heart first.

Every single thing that happened to us, we started to see in the best light possible.

I refused to do anything that didn’t feel right. Homeschooling became unschooling, and gave our family the feeling of expansion I was searching for.

Every day *problems* became opportunities to be grateful for how they resolved.

I started painting my home funky colors that felt right to *me* — a neon green play room, a bright orange living room, a purple dining room with a huge mural of a tree, a blue ceiling with stars painted on it… I just went for it and didn’t worry about controlling outcomes any more.

And I noticed that the less I tried to control outcomes, the more lovely the outcomes became. Since I no longer was limited to what I thought I *wanted*, I became more open to possiblities.

After a while, I changed from just being *open* to possibilities, to feeling truly limitless in my thinking. I no longer feel like “I would be happy if x, y and z happened” to feeling like “I’m so thrilled right now, and I can’t wait for x, y, z and then some to happen! Show me what you got!”

I know that there are no rules and no limits. Any attempt I put on my life to define what would make me happy now simply limits the outcomes.

I love that every single time I have been open to it, my expectations have been blown out of the water by the reality of life.

The house I *thought* I wanted to move into before? I’m in a dream home now I could never have even hoped for before.

The art that I’ve been wanting a to create? I’m so glad I didn’t just limit myself to painting privately in a closet. I’m now painting and selling my artwork internationally (a fact that just blows my mind every time I realize it), creating organic crafts from natural and upcycled items (didn’t see that one coming! I just get a vision and in an instant… there it is! I know better know then to hesitate… now I plunge right in and make it!) and am illustrating my first two childrens books.

A few years ago, I never would have had the room in my mind to accept those gifts.

Everything always works out for us… yes. I like that motto. Today, take a moment to think about what motto are you sending out to the world? What one are you getting back? xoxo