The physical symtoms of the heart chakra… and how to re-align RIGHT NOW!

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heart chakra

Wow, I haven’t done a video in a long time, and now I remember why.


I hate the lighting, the angle, the still shot, how I accidentally cropped my head in half… everything!


BUT! I’m posting it anyway.


Because the heart chakra is one of my very favs and because the physical symptoms that arise from the heart chakras are so common, I bet you can find yourself in this video somewhere.

The heart chakra affects so much, from heartburn to breast tenderness to fibromyalgia to obsessing over relationships and SO MUCH MORE.

Give this video a listen and I will tell you some specific easy wonderful things you can do right while you watch the video to realign your heart energy.




If you are new to my blog and want to catch up to speed on the entire chakra series so far, you can find out the specific physical symptoms I see in patients with each chakra…

… along with tons of great ideas for things you can do immediately and easily to re-align with health.

Just pop on over here to see the list of the chakras we’ve covered so far!


Bonus Video: Heart Chakra Healing:

I’ll walk you through assessing the flow of your own heart chakra

in this very moment

and give you an affirmation you can use right now to help rebalance:

I hope that helps!

From my heart to yours…. xoxoxo, Laura


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