Sneak a peek into the world’s first Earthing children’s book!

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This is a corner of my crazy office right now… between patient care and painting my children’s book illustrations I’m feeling quite busy, but joyfully so.

I’m painting the final pages of my third children’s picture book… this one’s all about how to support your child’s natural healing powers through earthing.


As I talked about on Monday, earthing can do some awesome things!

You are sure to be hearing a LOT more about earthing in the upcoming year — more studies coming out on it’s ability to heal a variety of illnesses and chronic conditions, as well as enhance health and beauty through it’s anti-aging properties… plus the big movie release!


I personally wanted to make sure that parents have a simple, visual way to explain the importance of earthing to their children, as well as have a tool to reach for whenever their child is sick.


As a parent I know all too well that horrific feeling of having a child fall down and get a big scrape or come down with a fever and the knot you can get in your stomach if you don’t know quite what to do.

This is a book I wish I would have had to read to my babies when they were young.

A book I could head outside with, spread out a blanket and lay down in the grass with them when they had a fever, sore throat, ear ache, headache or any other kind of boo boo… and just read it to them, knowing all the while their bodies were healing and re-aligning with Well Being as we laid on the ground.


Want to take a look behind the scene to see how each illustration gets born? Let’s do it!

1. First, you write the text.

2. Second, you revise the text a million times and continue to revise it as you paint your paintings.

3. Third, sketch your illustrations.



4. Fourth… sketch illustration onto a canvas and paint on your first layer of background.



5. Then another.




6. Then another.



7. Then another.




8. Then another.


Finally you’ll have an illustration you love enough to submit to your publisher and you can move on to the next one and the next!



Thanks for taking a sneak peek into my new book and I look forward to sharing with you not only the art, but the text and the reference section too (full of fun earthing ideas to share with your children or your grandchildren!) Stay tuned!

xoxo, Laura


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