My Favorite Thing… In My Daughter’s Room

My daughter is going to be turning 9 in two weeks… 9! Almost to the double digits, but luckily I get one more year before I have to face that. What she wants most this year is to re-do her bedroom… making it earthy and organic and painting the walls light brown, putting up a huge mural of a tree on one wall and a big fluffy bean bag chair in the corner. So, in preparation for her new room, I’m painting it this week. She picked the color… it’s Interactive Cream from Sherwin Williams, low-VOC paint. I was pushing […]

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My Favorite Thing… in my Dining Room

I am making my second stop in my Friday series (Favorite Thing In My Home…) in my dining room. I went in there to take a look around, stand in appreciation of what I have, and pick the one thing I treasure most about this room of my house. But first, I had to do a little straightening. Because truly, folks, there are a million and one blogs out there showing perfectly amazing women doing amazing crafts and everything always turns out perfectly. And looks beautiful. And if there is one thing I know, it’s that my blog ain’t that

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