Our garden soil, just after addition of our compost bin. Bits of visible egg shell and food peels tell the story of our life, making this soil so much richer and more meaningful to our food and our land then a purchased bag of uniformly milled soil.   I can’t say enough about composting. I can understand why some folks feel resistant to it, I know I used to. It seemed like it would smell bad, would attract vermin into my yard, and on top of that, be a pain in the butt. But when we moved into our …

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Organic Gardening… Growing Seedlings in Recycled Containers (tutorial)

I have been saving some old boxes and cardboard tubes and plastic lids and such for the past several weeks… it’s so wonderful how you can recycle things you find around your home into something you needed and wanted, for free! Today I’ll show you two different ways to create mini-greenhouses for your precious seedlings. Here are just some items from a large collection of recyclable goods I’ve been saving. After the planting season, I’ll just rinse out any plastics I’ve used and toss them back in the recycling bin. The cardboard I generally just plant right into the soil …

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