Thoughts on Health… clinical evidence that seriousness affects your body

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This is part two in my series called “Seriousness is a Disease.” There is ample evidence in the medical literature that a prolonged serious attitude causes damage and aging to our bodies.

The longer I live the more I realize that when I approach life with a serious or overly intense, analytical mindframe instead of a forgiving, playful, loving, joyful one… the more I see the effects of seriousness show up physically in my body. Seriousness literally ages our very being.

In part 1, I discuss the evidence that seriousness affects the brain. In part 2, today, I show the effects that seriousness has on our heart and circulatory system.

Come back the next two Mondays for parts 3 and 4! In the meantime, try to become aware when seriousness is the dominant mindframe in your own life, and let it go. Returning to your natural state of joy returns you to your natural connection to well being and encourages healing. Reach for joy!!! xoxo, Laura