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You all know how I feel about fluoride. I’ve blogged here about why I avoid it in my toothpaste and why I don’t really want to be drinking it, either.

In fact, as I get older and have passed the age of peak bone density (and anyone who is over the age of 30 has) I want to preserve bone mass more than ever.

I really think it is important that I avoid fluoride altogether (and soy too.) Alas, this is impossible. If you eat food grown from the earth, you consume fluoride. Thanks to the government mass medicating our water supply (why fluoride? When did a cavity become more fearsome then osteoporosis, hormone disruption, and kidney damage? Maybe back when our life span was say 40 years or something? But in this day and age, we want to preserve our bone and body health for 85 or 90 years and beyond!) all of us are accumulating fluoride and it is having a mass effect on our bones.

I don’t intend on taking osteoporosis medications when I am post-menopausal… find out why in my female health ecourse (available as a printable PDF here or join in next month’s on-line class here) so I’d like to take a proactive stance when it comes to my bones. I have a huge list of ways you can naturally support your bones throughout your lifetime in my female health ecourse… but I wanted to share with you one of my favorite ways, right here.


Enter, my awesome Berkley fluoride water filter. Nope, Brita just doesn’t cut it. No other water filter that I’ve found does.

The Berkley system is the only portable home filtration system that I know of that doesn’t require installing a reverse osmosis home water filter (read: super expensive and a huge waste of water) and it is portable, meaning if you travel, RV, camp… even in emergency evacuation situations… you have the comfort of knowing you have pure, drinkable, amazing water wherever you go. You could filter swampy river water with this and drink it… grey water… rain water… Filtering everything out of your water that could be a potential concern during water supply contamination… cholera, parasites, e coli… the Berkley water filter can filter out everything, even food coloring.

In fact, that is how they recommend you test your filter… put a few drops of food coloring in the water and if any speck of color comes out after filtration, you know it is time to change the filter.

Did I mention it tastes so good that I’m spoiled from drinking any other water, forever? It does. Spoiled, I tell you. Spoiled, with nice strong bones.

Check out the different systems Berkley offers here (we got the smallest, least expensive, portable sized travel Berkley… but they offer systems that are so huge they can be used in hospitals and office buildings, so send this blog to your boss and ask them to give the gift of Berkley to their office staff this year.)

We have ours out on our kitchen counter space, and I’m in love. xoxo, Laura