Tired? Why your sacral chakra needs your attention right now!

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Last week I talked about the base chakra and the physical symptoms you might be feeling (and how to release them!) if you have base chakra issues.

Today, let’s move on to our second chakra, the sacral chakra.


Patients who come to me feeling tired, in adrenal fatigue, burnt out, desiring more energy and missing that fresh spark of creativity they used to have are my second chakra peeps.


Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • horrible PMS, painful cramps or miserable perimenopausal symptoms
  • infertility struggles
  • low back pain
  • sciatica pain
  • chronic fatigue or loss of joyful energy
  • lack of motivation
  • a feeling of “spinning your wheels”
  • issues with guilt
  • over indulgence or spending money to lift your mood
  • inability to orgasm or decreased libido


I had one patient recently who felt frustrated with that feeling that most people would shrug off as a mid-life crisis — feeling like she had worked hard her entire life but still didn’t quite know what her true calling was.

It was extremely defeating to be heading into perimenopause, with horrific cramps, constant fatigue and also gaining weight in her abdomen despite her best efforts to diet. She felt like she had been doing her best, spinning her wheels for her entire adult life and still hadn’t quite found her dream job or really felt like her inner strengths have shown themselves. She knew there had to be something more to this life then plunging into menopause and feeling washed up, yet she didn’t know what direction to go in and she lacked the energy to keep running in place.

It was scary and ultimately began to make her feel depressed.

Connecting to her soul energy, it was beautiful, vibrant shimmering orange… deep and passionate and intense. Clearly full of energy and creativity, her second chakra (the sacral chakra) was bursting to unleash but she didn’t know how to connect to that huge untapped reservoir of energy.

Instead, in the physical world, what she was left with was adrenal fatigue, strong and unusual perimenopausal symptoms, a growing feeling of pressure and weight gain in her stomach area, and a nagging sense of depression.

She wanted to know what her purpose in life was and to find a way to make the second half of her life full of meaning and passion again.

Over the course of several months we worked together to uncover her true gifts (turns out she had amazing artistic abilities!) release the disconnect that was keeping her from accessing her sacral chakra (she was suppressing her inner child because of traumatic events in her past) and to find meaningful, soul-on-fire ways to create a new career from her creative strengths. Eventually she was able to downsize the job that was draining her to a part-time position and use the rest of her time to unleash her creative potential. She is currently working on launching her own website and on-line shop, and is breezing through perimenopause.

The sacral chakra is where your inner child lives.


Your inner child and your soul have no end to creative ideas, an abundance of energy, and joy and freedom in expressing your unique gifts.

But, if you are feeling a lack of energy, a sense of dullness or wondering what your true gifts are… if you are struggling with feeling burnt out, or if you tend to purchase things and shop as a means for a temporary lift out of your uninspiring daily routine… you are not being supported as well as you could be by your sacral chakra.

Common symptoms are worsening cramps with menses… unusual perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms that are atypical from all your friends…

lower back pain… gaining abdominal weight… and decreased motivation.


You know why? Because when you staunch your energy flow and disconnect to that eternal spring of youth that is your sacral chakra, you can’t help but staunch your creativity. Your energy level dips and falls and your inspired ideas dry up.

This goes for men as well as women.

Every single human being on this planet has a constantly streaming ability to have fun and to create.


Your inner child sits in that sacral chakra and feeds your imagination, your passion, your ideas, your energy and your FUN!!!!!

If you have lost your sense of humor, lost the twinkle in your eye, or lost the bubbling energy you used to have when you thought of a great idea… you haven’t lost your capability to get it all back, you’ve simply blocked off the connection.

We can re-connect you to this flow of constantly streaming creativity and passion as we gently release your energetic sacral chakra blocks.


The first thing you absolutely need to do is let go of outcomes and focus on the joy of the process.


One thing that the modern world is really good at is telling us that the end result matters most.

When you try to get those straight A’s, or work for the boss’s thumbs up, or get your self-esteem from your paycheck, or don’t feel pretty unless your spouse comments and boosts you up… you are playing small.

Feedback is nice but simply can NOT give you a sustainable boost. Same with buying that new outfit or splurging on a decadent desert. I’m all for doing what brings you joy, but not if you are doing it to get that temporary inner lift. The inner lift needs to come first in order to truly enjoy these fun things (like new outfits and yummy deserts!) or else you just wasted your money on an outfit and your calories on a desert that brings along guilt. In order to spend freely and eat freely and create freely and have fun freely, you need to let go of the end results, the feedback, caring what other people think and go where your bliss leads you and you alone.

As we get older and wiser, in general we care less and less what society says is *cool* or trendy and we wear the funky bright pants because they make us laugh.

We retire and stop looking for that word from our employer to know if we are doing a good job and we start doing what our soul leads us to do.

That mid-life crisis that everyone is always talking about often times is just that scary NATURAL transition we make when we realize that the expectations of others (and making a certain grade in school or a finishing a certain project at work) isn’t really what life is all about. We start to realize that we have a good half a life left and we want to live it on OUR TERMS and no-one elses.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video to Alan Watt’s words:



If your sacral chakra is blocked this can be super scary.


Depressing even.

We might feel that we’ve wasted half our lives and still don’t know what gifts are waiting for us in our sacral chakra.

But if we begin to feel the power growing in our bellies… the glorious strength of our sacral creativity arise… we use this time to get excited.

  • All of a sudden, you don’t give a flying f*ck what you are supposed to paint, you just start smearing colors on a canvas and feeling gloriously free.
  • You start spilling words onto paper as your write your inner truths and begin to craft a book.
  • You start a blog, just like this one!
  • Or you open an on-line shop and start selling that jewelry that all your friends beg you to make them.
  • You start turning the wisdom you’ve accrued and mixing that in with the unlimited potential for creativity and FUN that you hold inside your belly and you begin to deeply inhale and exhale for the first time in your life.
  • Often you begin to treat your body better, honoring it with the foods you put inside and taking the time to walk further and stretch out before you go to bed in the evenings.
  • You turn aside things you are *supposed* to do like social engagements you don’t enjoy and instead whisk away with your loved ones for a weekend vacation.

Basically, life is short, you have more passion and creativity then you’ve ever had before, and you want to feel the joy of unleashing it.

That is the power of the sacral chakra when you are fully connected.


Some ways to get connected?

1. Focus on the process and not the outcome. Textures, sensations, smells, fabrics, flavors. Massage and acupuncture and human touch.

2. Dance, dance, dance!

3. Drink lots and lots of water. If you are dehydrated, no doubt you feel a decrease in the flow of your energy as lethargy takes over.

4. Swim!

5. Stretching, walking, tai chi, deep breathing practices

6. Stop, drop expectation, listen to your inner voice. Move where you are led instead of where you are expected to go.

7. When all else fails, focus on fun. Does it bring you joy and laughter? Do it. Let everything else fall away. Sing horribly and wrongly and LOUDLY in the rain. Paint the ugliest painting you possibly can (I bet it will be absolutely gorgeous!) and hang it up and smile when you see it each day! Cook new things and don’t you dare use a recipe.

8. Find out what blocks you have to accessing your creativity and why (and get a personalized plan to release them!) through a private consultation with me.


xoxoxo, Laura