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The earths' minerals are crucial to our mindframe and feelings of well being.
The earths’ minerals are crucial to our mindframe and feelings of well being.

On the December 15, 2013, the medical journal Biological Psychiatry published the results of a huge study that found overwhelming evidence of a link between zinc and depression.


The study showed that folks who are depressed have a lower concentrations of zinc in their peripheral blood than non-depressed individuals.


Looking at both animal studies and preclinical and clinical trials, researchers found that “a growing body of evidence demonstrates that zinc deficiency can induce depressive-like behavior in animals, which can be effectively reversed by zinc supplementation,” and also, perhaps more importantly, that zinc added to antidepressant therapy may produce more rapid and more effective improvement in symptoms of depression than without zinc supplementation.


Researchers looked at 17 different studies that measured peripheral blood—zinc concentrations in over 1600 depressed patients and 800 control patients.

The research showed that mean peripheral blood—zinc concentrations were not only lower…

…but that severe depression was associated with a greater deficit in zinc levels.


Further studies are needed to find optimal levels of zinc supplementation to relieve depression, but it’s safe to say that if you or any of your loved ones suffer from depression, supplementing with zinc (even in addition to using a prescription medication) may provide more relief, better relief, and faster relief.


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