This supplement decreases diabetic pain (and decreases asthma flares too!)

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I’ve already told you about a recent study that shows low Vit D is a risk factor for developing diabetes.

Today’s medical literature review further confirms the role of Vitamin D in not just preventing diabetes, but actually treating diabetic pain once it has already developed….

…after just ONE DOSE!


Which is huge.

Because not only does Vit D increase insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes, but it actually gives you a tool to help treat issues such as diabetic nerve pain once it has developed.


The Study:

  • Researchers studied over 140 participants with Type 2 Diabetes who suffered from painful diabetic neuropathy
  • The average baseline serum Vit D level was 31 ng/mL
  • Participants received one single intramuscular dose of 600,000 IU vitamin D
  • The effects on metabolic parameters and neuropathic pain was followed for over 20 weeks


The Results:

  • One single dose of Vit D significantly raised average serum Vit D levels to 46.2 ng/mL
  • Participants had a statistically significant reduction in pain levels assessed by three different pain assessment tools (DV4 scores, total McGill pain scores, and SFMPQ assessment questionnaire)
  • Participants also had statistically significant reductions in their HbA1c levels and increases in their HDL levels



In medical studies Vit D has been shown to increase Nerve Growth Factor, induce axonal regeneration (nerve regeneration) and reduce demylenization — and all three pathways may be in play to account for the reduction of pain we see in diabetic patients.



Want other impressive benefits from Vit D supplementation?

How about decreased asthma attacks.



Adding Vit D to the current treatment protocol of asthmatic patients can significantly reduce the number of severe asthma attacks in patients with mild to moderate asthma.

Researchers pooled data from nine different double-blind, placebo-controlled trials that involved 435 children and 658 adults, and found that adding Vit D for 4 or more months cut the average number of severe asthma attacks in half. It also decreased the risk of hospitalizations and ER visits in half.

Why? Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory effects in the lungs, which is probably at least one of the reason that asthma attacks and the need for medical treatment as a result of serious asthma flares is slashed in half.

Meanwhile… want even more reasons to be sure you are not Vit D deficient?


Here are other reports I’ve blogged about recently:

1. Vit D increases the health benefits of weight loss by decreasing whole body inflammation

2. Vit D decreases risk of depression

3. Higher Vitamin D levels predicts better cancer recovery and outcome

4. Prevent dementia and boost brain health with Vitamin D

5. Vitamin D even boosts fertility!



Maybe all of these incredible benefits of having great Vitamin D levels is one reason that a recent study found that avoiding the sun is actually more deadly than smoking!


In this study, researchers found that even heavy smokers who soaked in the sun their whole life outlived non-smokers who avoided sun exposure… by several years.

The participants who avoided the sun had higher rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and pulmonary disease.

And the results were dose-specific… meaning that the benefits of increased life expectancy with sun exposure went up directly in correlation to the amount of sun exposure.


Longer time in the sun = longer life span. That simple.


Bottom line is that avoiding the sun is a “risk factor for death of a similar magnitude as smoking” — directly quoting the medical report.

Click over here to find out the details of that study.

And meanwhile, consider having your Vitamin D levels checked to be sure the are adequate, and then be sure if you decided to supplement your Vit D levels, that it is with a fat emulsion so that it is well absorbed (not a dry pill or powder).

Emulsified drops tend to work best, like this one.

Once daily Biotics Vit D drops.


xoxoxoxo, Laura