Why Grounding Is My Favorite Healing Modality

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I’ve been a physician for over 15 years and I’ve seen quite a lot of patients over those years.

And during all that time, I’ve only come across one healing modality that supports the entire body — head to toe, every organ system — in such a powerful way.


Clear air is awesome and nurturing.

Juicing is powerful and cleansing.

Purified water is hydrating and supportive.

But inevitably, with every holistic healing modality I worked with, there would be some patients who benefit greatly and some who get absolutely no results whatsoever.

  • Some folks heal with a certain diet.
  • Some heal with a particular exercise practice.
  • Some heal with a prescription medication, some with a supportive supplement, some with a life saving surgery, some with a chiropractic adjustment, some with acupuncture.


Nothing is universal.

There is no one diet that helps everyone.

There is no one adjustment or one surgery or one supplement that will support everyone.


Nothing is universal except for one thing: grounding.


Everything else provides indirect health benefits — but grounding directly to the earth means your body is directly healing.

  • The earth makes the atmosphere for those beautiful deep breaths of fresh air you can take each day.
  • The earth flows the water that can deeply hydrate your body each day.
  • The earth grows the food that you juice and the herbs that you take and the nutritional building blocks your body depends on daily.



Those are all powerful and wonderful indirect ways to support your well being.

But the most powerful way of all to enhance your health is to touch the earth directly!

But why?


Our bodies are electrical — our heart beat, our brain impulses, our breathing mechanism, our digestion ALL rely on electrical signals to work properly.

Food can not be digested, blood can not be circulated, air can not be breathed without first an electrical impulse conducted through the electrical circuitry of our bodies.

  • So it doesn’t matter what food we eat unless our GI tract is first innervated and activated properly!
  • It doesn’t matter about air quality if we can’t first innervate and activate our breathing mechanism!
  • Our whole body is electrical and relies on conductivity to work.


As a physician I have seen patients in the ICU hooked up to breathing tubes and feeding tubes and if the body is dying, it doesn’t matter if the air is the purist in the world and the water is the finest in the world and the food is the most alive active just-juiced nourishment in the world…

…if the body is dying none of these parameters matter.

First we have to establish and maintain healthy conductivity of our body.

Our body has to maintain a healthy electrical circuitry in order to remain conscious and have all of our body organs function effectively.


So to protect our body for a lifetime, we need to nurture the healthy conductivity of our body first and foremost, before turning our eye to the air and water and food quality that enhance our well being.

Touching the earth immediately impacts and supports the conductivity of the entire body — supporting the healthy function of our heart, our circulatory system, our brain, our bone metabolism, our thyroid function, our adrenal function, our skin conductance — our entire body from head to toe.

The earth’s electrical beat — the frequency the earth emits — is a perfect electrical match to our brain’s frequency when our brain is in the healing zone of REM sleep and in deep relaxed meditation… it’s the beautiful frequency of healing: the Schuman frequency.


Barefoot Is Best

Why is this important right now?


50, 100, 200 years ago we were more likely to spend time barefoot, or be gardening directly in the earth, walking on the earth, and going back further, sleeping directly on the ground.

But now, we have rubber shoes, cars to travel in, insulated flooring in our home, asphalt coating our roadways, high rises filled with smart meters to live in.

We better find a way to be damn sure we protect this connection.

Stress, higher cortisol, joint pain, dementia, cancer, age related changes — these are all a fall out from a life long inflammatory condition of a lifetime of living disconnected to the earth.

(For the science behind this, watch my video here where I review the medical literature on this for you!)


How can we reconnect?


Sleep is the ultimate way to connect… because if we are sleeping for 8 or 9 hours in a bed, we might as well make them healing hours where our body is electrically docked into the most supportive modality there is… the earth.

Sleeping grounded all night long means those hours of rest are hours of healing… hours where our energy is being restored, our mood is being lifted, allowing us to wake up to a healthier body than the one you went to sleep with.

Here is the most effective way to sleep grounded on the entire planet: the grounded mattress panel.

Sleep is so important anyway… as I’ve blogged before sleep is absolutely essential for everything from losing weight to preventing dementia to simply staying alive! Sleep should be a priority, and since grounding is absolutely my #1 healing modality, sleeping grounded is win-win.

Beyond sleeping grounded, there are lots of ways to get out there and directly connect to the earth.

That’s why I created my:


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And class comes with everything you need to not only get connecting to the earth’s healing energy outdoors, but indoors too!

From pain relief to sleep recovery to heart protection to losing weight to recovering from stress to thyroid support…

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