Vit D To Boost Your Weight Loss Benefits

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Vitamin D boosts the health benefits of weight loss!


By simply adding Vitamin D supplementation to your weight loss plan, you reduce your whole-body inflammation, a new study suggests (published April 23, 2015 in Cancer Prevention Research.)


High levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokine Interleukin (IL)-6 have been linked to increased risk of developing devastating illness including cancer… as chronic inflammation is thought to be a pro-tumor state for the body.


By reducing systemic inflammation, you reduce your chances of cancer and other chronic diseases.


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This is one of the reasons I find grounding the body (touching the earth) such an important part of a well rounded health plan…

…because grounding the body has been shown over and over to decrease inflammation throughout the body (shown by decreasing C-reactive protein levels, decreasing cortisol and other markers of stress on the body, boosting restorative sleep, and — as I show in my own study on Earthing and Weight Loss — helping to naturally shed pounds of excess weight and reduce cancer risk.)


Study details:


  • Researchers followed 218 overweight women (average age 59 years old and average BMI of 32.4 kg/m²) who were also Vitamin D deficient (from 10 to 32 ng/mL.)
  • Both groups participated in a healthy dietary plan and exercise plan, but one group of women also took Vitamin D supplements (vitamin D₃ 2000 IU/day) and half received placebo.
  • Women who lost 5% or more of their body weight who were taking the Vitamin D had the boosted benefit of a significant decrease in their inflammatory marker IL-6 than women who lost the same amount of weight and were not taking Vitamin D supplements.
  • This suggests that Vitamin D has a booster effect in decreasing harmful whole body inflammation.




  • Overweight individuals are thought to have lower serum Vit D levels because it is a fat soluble vitamin… so body fat tends to sequester vitamin D away, lowering serum concentrations and lowering bioavailablitiy.
  • Weight loss already decreases the levels of inflammation in the body, so now adding more bioavailable Vit D (by supplementation) you can significantly reduce IL-6 levels beyond expected with weight loss alone.


The bottom line?

Reaching a healthy weight can help decrease chronic inflammation and it’s associated risk of chronic illness and cancers… and you can boost these weight loss benefits by simply adding a Vitamin D supplement to your plan.

Your next step? Have your Vitamin D levels checked if you are unsure if you are reaching your Vitamin D goals!

More reasons to check your Vit D levels?

1. Vitamin D and mood: boosting Vit D decreases risk of depression

2. Higher Vitamin D levels predicts better cancer recovery and outcome

3. Prevent dementia and boost brain health with this Vitamin D goal

4. Vitamin D found to even boost fertility!

My favorite vitamin D supplement?

Emulsified and highly bio-available:

Biotics Vit D drops.


xoxoxoxo, Laura