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When I first started introducing the concept of grounding to my patients, I only advised them to go outside and touch the earth directly.

Free, accessible, direct healing.


To this day, I still advise you to do this, daily, whenever you possibly can!

However, because the medical literature is so very clear that grounding indoors with indoor grounding tools is extremely healing as well, I did not want my patient’s healing to be limited to times when they had the energy, good weather, mobility and spare time to head outside. In general, the folks who need grounding the most are the ones who are least feeling up to being active outside. Grounding should not be restricted from those who need it most!

So, in order to make grounding accessible both indoor and outdoors, I began to look for indoor grounding tools to recommend to patients who have mobility issues, those who were mostly indoors because they were rehabilitating or recovering, and those who felt particularly ill or isolated.



I also found there were so many patients that lived in particularly unforgiving, harsh, or dangerous environments that made going outdoors barefoot inadvisable.


From tick borne illnesses to crowded paved over city landscapes to wind-whipping, instantly freezing temperatures outside, there are many reasons why grounding outdoors is inaccessible at times.

So I started scouring the medical community for grounding tools that my patients could use indoors. Tools made by hand, lovingly crafted out of eco-friendly materials, and tools that would last and last and last, made from strong, resilient stainless steel fibers that would not degrade after a single use or a single wash.

I couldn’t find any. So I started making my own. I offer these to you right here.

I wanted to write a blog post for you to explain some of your indoor grounding options. Because as the weather turns colder and colder, every year just before winter I always get more and more emails from patients and readers asking how to stay connected to the earth as the outdoors becomes less accessible.

So today I wanted to share with you the top dozen tools I keep recommending over and over again to those who email me, so that you might benefit from knowing exactly which grounding items works the very best in each specific situation.


Dr. Laura Koniver’s Guide To Indoor Grounding:



1. Best for: COMFORT

The Grounded Hot Water Bottle


Now you can combine the power of water and the power of heat with the grounding force of Mother Nature to introduce three different, synergistic ways to exponentially heal! Heat increases circulation, ice decreases swelling, and grounding neutralizes inflammation, making this such an incredible versatile healing tool, helping: cramps, muscle tension, headaches, localized injury, back pain, arthritis and more.

Toss your EMF radiating electric blanket and reach for a tool that will keep your bed warm for hours as well as ground and heal you while you sleep all night long. Hop over here to order you grounding hot water bottle.

Also good for: a Beauty Treatment.


The grounded cover of the hot water bottle can be used as a facial beauty treatment — simply slip the hot water bottle out and use the super soft cozy right on your pillow at night, grounding through your neck and face.


2. Best for: INSOMNIA

The Grounding Mattress Panel



Hand made in the USA of the highest quality surgical stainless steel mesh (that lasts an entire lifetime!) organic hemp and organic cotton. Eco friendly and supports local artisans.

Because this product uses 100% surgical grade stainless steel fibers for conductivity, it lasts dramatically longer than inferior products made from silver fibers that break or erode easily in the wash. With other grounding products, one wash in non-distilled water is enough to make it stop working. Not so with this mattress panel.

If you are going to be laying in bed for hours each night sleeping, let’s make those hours as deeply restorative and healing as they can possibly be by sleeping grounded!


Also good for: Stressful Lifestyles.


This powerful healing flow speeds recovery to your body all night long, making it perfect for folks who have incredibly demanding jobs (to make the most of the healing nighttime hours,) athletes who push their body during the day (so they can recover faster at night) and people going through tough transitions and trauma who could use the extra resiliency.

Grounding has been proven in medical studies to enhance muscle recovery, decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, protect and strengthen bones, decrease stress hormone output, increase the time the brain spends in healing alpha wave patterns during sleep and more. For a review on the medical literature and how sleeping grounded supports your health, watch this video here.


3. Best for: PAIN

Grounding Patches


If you have a specific area of pain you would like to apply grounding to, you can’t beat these grounding treatment patches. The same medical ground grounding ECG patches used in hospitals nationwide, all you do is stick the patch where you want to apply grounding and clip on the grounding cord.

Could not be more simple or more straightforward, very hygienic as you can simply discard the grounding pad when you are done (making this a great disposable grounding tool for use with multiple people or in community grounding setting such as during massage or chiropractic treatment) as well as a great economical introductory grounding tool to test out grounding for a few months before investing in other grounding tools. Hop over here to grab your grounding patch kit.


Also good for: Chronic Pain.

Modern medicine is woefully inadequately treating chronic pain issues. For more information on why grounding helps with chronic pain, plus several other things you can to to specifically help address long standing chronic pain, read this blog post and watch this video.


4. Best for: CIRCULATION

Grounding Socks


Grounding Gloves


Crafted in the USA, these tools help with pain and circulation issues that arise in specifically in your extremities.

Very often, our nerves and blood vessels becomes compromised in our upper and lower extremities due to medical conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, arthritis, carpal tunnel, overuse injuries, plantar fasciitis and more. Grounding has been shown to increase circulation to tissues, decrease blood viscosity (allowing blood to flow more smoothly to areas of decreased circulation,) decrease pain and improve wound healing.

Also great for preventive care for those wanting to target specific leg, ankle or foot issues… or to target arm, wrist or hand issues. Hop over here to grab your socks or gloves.


Also good for: a Grounding Tool You Can Also Use Outside.


If you want a layer of warmth that won’t block the healing connection to the earth when you touch it, wear these conductive groundings socks or conductive grounding gloves outside and touch the earth directly — the fabric becomes instantly grounded and so are you, even while your skin is protected from the cold air and wind!


5. Best for: DISCRETION

Grounding Cuff


So easy to wear all day long — just walk out the door with this beautiful stainless steel cuff on your wrist, and whenever you want to ground, simply clip the grounding cord to it and enjoy discrete grounding anywhere.

No need to take it off between treatments, no one will ever know that your bangle is actually a healing tool! Grab your grounding cuff here.

Also good for: Gifting.


Have a friend who lives far away and you need a light weight gift to send overseas? Have a loved one you would like to tuck a small grounding tool into a their stocking this holiday season? A grounding cuff is the easiest, most fool proof way to go, as there is no sizing required… a cuff is one-size-fits-all!


6. Best for: DESK JOBS


A Grounded Mat

For those that sit at work, you can place this right on your seat and sit directly on it, or use discretely under your desk with your feet, or standing occupations can stand directly on this pad for grounded healing.

You can have it on your desktop at work so that your hand is touching it while you are working on your computer, or you can simply slip off your shoe under your desk and place a bare foot right on the mat. A removable and 100% machine washable conductive cover with a conductive interior foam core means this grounding mat not only provides comfortable padding, but you can wash it so easily that it’s a great choice for using at work or for travel. Grab your grounding mat here.


Also good for: Pets.


Because this grounding mat has a fully machine washable cover, you can use it in situations where you are going to want to wash it multiple times, like with your pets. You can even sleep right on it, using it as a mini sleeping pad with a washable mini sheet on it!


7. Best for: TRAVELERS


Grounding Travel Tote


Everything you need is all included in one little kit (the stainless steel pouch doubles as a drawstring carry case to carry the outlet checker and grounding cord in!) When you want to ground, just take out the cord and outlet checker from the pouch, and use the pouch as a mini grounding pad!

Then when you are headed back home, or to work, or a friend’s house, or on a trip… just throw the outlet checker and cord back into the bag, close it up and you are all set to ground no matter where you might roam!


Also good for: Introducing Someone To Grounding.


This grounding item hits the sweet spot between high quality and accessible cost. Made from the same stainless steel mesh that the larger grounding mattress panel is made from, this is like a mini grounding panel intro kit! A perfect introductory gift for introducing someone to the healing practice of grounding.


8. Best for: FIRST AID KITS


Grounding Hot & Cold Packs

Stays hot or cold for the perfect treatment length of 10 – 15 minutes… ideal to prevent over-treating the areas of injury. Simply rest grounded ice packs over eyes to reduce puffiness, relieve migraine pain by placing cold pack over forehead or use warm for stiff neck muscles to reduce pain during a tension headache, place over sinus area to relieve sinus pressure, apply to abdomen to sooth cramping and nausea, ideal as a first aid treatment for injuries… the applications are endless.

Also good for: Care Packages.


Because of the small size and how versatile of a healing tool that a hot and cold pack that is grounded is, it’s the perfect healing tool to include in care packages. It’s the only grounded hot & cold pack in the world, and it’s waiting for you right here.


9. Best for: OLDER HOMES

Grounding Stake

Bypass your home’s outdated electrical system and ground directly to Mother Earth, indoors! These grounding stakes are compatible not only with every single grounding tool I offer, but also with just about any grounding tool you might already own even from other manufacturers. Simply push the ground rod a few inches into the earth, clip the grounding cord directly on to your grounding item with the alligator clip at the end of the cord, and that item will be grounded!

Great for older homes that don’t have proper grounded wiring and for anyone who wants the peace of mind of direct contact with the earth. Grab your grounding stake here.


Also good for: Camping.


You would think when you are camping you’d naturally be grounded, but the moment you step into a tent with a plastic tarp for the floor or into your RV, you are completely ungrounded! But no worries, because all you need to do is bring along your favorite grounding item and clip it to this portable grounding stake that connects you to the earth right outside of your tent or RV. Spend time with Mother Nature grounded on your next camping trip!





PureGround Grounding Cord:

the only filtering & shielding ground cord


For those of us concerned about the ever increasing strength of the electromagnetic fields on the horizon, and for those of us who are particularly electrosensitive, upgrading from a standard grounding cord to a filtered and shielded cord makes sense.

To watch a video demonstration of this PureGround cord in action, click here.

By supporting your conductive health (with grounding) and protecting your conductive health (with shielding) we can get these two powerfully healing approached united, so that they can both ultimately work together to support your innate, robust health.

You can clip this cord onto any grounding tool that is conductive and it will work! Compatible with all of the grounding tools I’ve ever sold, as well as any grounding tool sold by other companies, simply clip to the edge of the conductive part of any grounding tool and it will be powerfully grounded! So anyone can use it. Whether you get your grounding tools from my website or a different one. Anyone can feel even better than they do right now. And isn’t that what healing and healing is all about?

Proudly made right here in the USA and not bulk manufactured overseas like most other grounding cords, ensure that your grounding experience is the most pure ground connection possible by upgrading your standard grounding cord with the new PureGround filter grounding cord.



11. Best for: DRY WINTER SKIN


Grounding Lotion


You can actually enhance your conductivity simply by topically applying a conductive gel. Especially important right now at the start of winter when we all have dehydrated, dried out skin! It will make an immediate difference — with this gel on, the slightest contact with your grounding tool or the earth makes you instantly & powerfully grounded.

If you’ve ever tested your grounding tools and they are grounded, but when you test yourself you are not grounded, it’s because your body is not hydrated enough and lacks enough minerals to encourage conductivity. This gel fixes both — moisturizes your skin and provides advanced cellular silver & trace minerals to boost your body’s grounding potential exponentially!

Keep this pump by your bedside and lightly moisturize with it before slipping onto your grounding mattress panel at night, or before sliding on your grounding socks or grounding cuff on your arm in the AM, and you will exponentially reap the benefits to the enhanced conductivity.






Grounded Yoga Mat


Stretching the body is not only therapeutic to the muscles and joints and bones, but helps literally support the health of our body from recovering from trauma and treating PTSD to helping support deeper sleep at night.

It is no wonder that yoga is one of my top recommendations for therapeutic physical therapy to my patients!

Ideally we would be grounded while doing yoga. It would be amazing to be outside, barefoot on a sandy beach while holding downward facing dog or kneeling into a relaxing child’s pose.

And while hopefully we are lucky enough to catch times in our life where we can do yoga outside grounded, for the most part yoga is on a foam mat (which totally cuts you off from the healing flow of being grounded even if you are outside!!!) and typically we are indoors as well. That’s why I created this grounding yoga mat. Because even if all you have to care for your body each day is to stretch out your body for ten minutes before bed or upon waking, if you can do those ten minutes grounded, your body is on the fast track to healing and supported energetically, physically, spiritually.




I hope these ideas for indoor grounding help you support your always available conductive healing pathways…

…and in the upcoming weeks I will also give you a rundown of all of the ways you can use shielding to help protect your conductive health as well! That’s coming soon.

Meanwhile, I’m so glad we live in a time where we are beginning to wake up and *Truly Remember* all of the invaluable ways that connecting to the earth supports our healing.

There just is no substitute.

Luckily we have lots and lots of indoor options so that we can remain connected while we work indoors or recover and heal indoors or sleep indoors at night. So pick a way to ground inside and don’t forget to add on some outdoor time touching the earth directly when you can as well… and watch your health skyrocket!

xoxoxo, Laura