3 Additional Ways To Protect Your Brain Volume

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Brain Health
Brain Health

Today I have three suggestions to help you protect the brain you have for a nice long lifetime.



These recommendations are all based on medical reports — ones that I feel do not get highlighted enough — the POSITIVE meaningful study results that show holistic things you can do to take charge of your health…

… like focus on protecting your brain volume!


If you haven’t watched last week’s video on ways to boost your restorative sleep, you might want to pop over and watch it…

…as deep restorative sleep is step ONE for healthy brain function and optimal brain volume!


But on top of a good night’s sleep?

Let’s try these:


1. Green tea enhances brain connectivity to give your memory a boost!

Published in Psychopharmacology on March 19, 2014… researchers found that drinking green tea extract enhanced memory performance.

Participants who drank beverages containing green tea extract (27.5 mg) were found on MRI imaging studies to have increased plasticity of their parieto-frontal brain connections over participants who drank beverages without the green tea extract in it.

These results show that green tea had a direct impact on cognitive function and working memory — both which might have far reaching implications for preventing and treating neurological and cognitive disorders such as dementia.

I recommend this green tea extract supplement.



2. Omega 3 fatty acids actually increase brain volume and protects against damage from alcohol abuse!

As I blogged about last March… Omega 3’s are not only brain protective but they are brain restorative as well!

And a newer study (published July 19, 2014) found that fish oil may actually lower the risk of brain damage caused by long term and binge alcohol use!

The study was an animal model study, which showed that rats who had a blood alcohol level 4 X over the legal driving limit had 90% less neuronal death and 90% less neuronal inflammation when they were exposed to the Omega 3 fatty acid DHA.

That omega fatty acid supplementation can protect against alcohol abuse is huge news.

Here are my three favorite recommendations:



3. Resveratrol supplements stop the progression of Alzheimer’s plague.

Oral resveratrol penetrate the blood brain barrier to support the central nervous system, stopping the increase of amaloid in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of Alzheimer’s patients.

The exciting thing about this study was that even very small doses had a statistically significant effect!

Highly safe and tolerable with very little side effects, resveratrol supplements have potentially huge application to patients with dementia and neurodegenerative conditions world wide.


these resveratrol supplements

or these supplements from Dr. Sinatra that combine resveratrol with fish oil for a synergistic effect!


For more ideas on protecting your brain, here are some recent blog posts I’ve written:



To your long term, beautiful, unique, precious brain and it’s health!!!

xoxoxox, Laura