Omega 3’s Increase Brain Volume

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My latest painting... healthy brain, holistic healing!  Click the image for more info...
My latest painting… healthy brain, holistic healing! Click the image for more info…


You know I love sharing positive holistic health news with you here.

And today is the best!


Positive health information is the only kind of health news I feel is worth focusing on… coupled with practical things you can do TODAY to increase your health and well being for a lifetime. I literally scour the medical literature to bring you something uplifting each and every week.

Nothing bothers me more than medical reports or natural health news that try to effect change by creating fear about our health, fear about the foods we consume, fear about the impending doom of the earth… I don’t find that helpful.


When I do find positive and helpful information in the medical literature or through my intuitive healing work, I immediately post it here for you.


Today — a supplement that I’ve spoken so highly of over the past several years on my blog that I hope you are already taking it.


And if you aren’t, you’ll want to be.

Because recently the medical literature showed that folks on an Omega 3 fatty acid supplement (like fish oil, flax oil, algae oil) increases brain volume!

Young, supple, healthy brain tissue as we age… and that’s news worth sharing!

Here are the details of the study:

More than 1000 postmenopausal women were studied (using both blood samples and MRI imaging) the results showed that higher Omega 3 intake was associated with a higher total normal brain and hippocampus volume… a measurement that was directly related to omega-3 fatty acid levels.


Published in Neurology on January 22, 2014, researchers found that higher omega-3 levels slows the loss of brain volume that occurs with age.



They measured the total Omega 3 fatty acid levels found in red blood cell membranes and found that total brain volume was significantly smaller in the women with the lowest quartile of omega-3 index (when compared with those in the highest quartile.)

Also, the hippocampus (the area of the brain specifically related to cognitive function) followed suit as well… found to be significantly smaller in the lowest vs the highest quartile of omega-3 levels, even after controlling for age, lipid levels, glucose, blood pressure, education, and hormone therapy.

Researchers noted that these effects would be possible by “taking about 1000 mg of EPA + DHA every day or by eating a small portion of salmon or sardines every day. So it’s not difficult to do.”



What’s my fav Omega 3 supplement?

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