5G: The Good News and the Bad News (there is good news!)

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5G: You may love or you may hate the advancement in technology that higher speeds might bring, but no matter how you feel about the tech, you are right to be concerned about the health ramifications.



Although the increase in the EMF and radiation exposures will have ramifications on humans, animals, vegetation and the environment of our planet earth, I am going to focus today on the health effects of 5G on the human body.

I get emails from worried readers constantly, like this one:


Do you have any advise on the soon coming 5G that will be raining down on us from 20,000 satellites and millions of street boosters by 2020? Yesterday I listened to a couple of videos on “Micowave warfare expert Jerry Flynn on 5G & EMF” and “The EMF Apocalypse”. – C.S.


Well guess what?

I have positive, uplifting news to share with you about that.



So in today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you the reassuring good news, do a quick overview on some of the concerns to be aware of, and then finish with a great list of resources on actionable things you can do to protect yourself, decrease your own toxic EMF exposures and boost your own body’s inner resilience.
So let me give you my take on this growing concern, with an emphasis on positive solutions.
First things first:

It’s not all bad news.


The newer technology of 5G uses some of the frequencies that we are already exposed to because they are the frequencies that current cell phones already use (in the 400 MHz – 7,000 MHz range) and then it also uses an extremely high frequency band in the 24 GHz – 52 GHz and higher range.

The good news about the extremely high frequency of 5G cell phone radiation (the 24 GHz to 52 GHz range) is that it does not penetrate your body further than your skin.

The wavelength of this type of radiation is so short, it has very low penetration potential, reaching into the skin only.

Medical studies show this wavelength penetrates the skin anywhere from 0.4 mm (conservative measurements) to 0.75 mm (highest measurements.)

Here is a figure I am sharing that sums this up nicely — taken from a comprehensive review article presented at the International Conference on Communications in June 2015. In it, you can see that above 20 GHz, the penetration depth is very shallow. In fact, anything above 10 GHz can not reach past your dermis:





So this is great news, because as you go out and about during your day exposed to radiation that unfortunately you can’t control, that has and is being installed without our consent across our entire country, at least you can feel comforted that the additional radiation that 5G is adding to our exposures is basically “only” skin deep.

But I say “only” with quotation marks around it, because skin deep is still a massive full body exposure, which accounts for why people who are ElectroHyperSensitive (EHS) have all kinds of reactions where they can literally feel the radiation throughout their entire body.

Pounding heartbeat, headache and brain fog, exhaustion, pain, decreased immune function, even higher rates of cancer over time… it’s a real thing.





That’s because the small penetration of radiation into the skin is enough to affect, in turn, every single organ system in your body.

Although the skin keeps super high frequencies from going deeper into the body, if the skin is affected, every organ in your body is affected.

The 0.4 mm – 0.75 mm penetration depth is enough to reach past the top layer of skin (the epidermis) into the deeper skin layers (the dermis.)

Here is an example.

In the breast, the skin turns from epidermis to dermis at only 0.16 mm deep, so the radiation is definitely reaching the dermal layer of your skin. However, your dermis and epidermis together on the breast is actually almost 6 mm thick, radiation at this frequency is not actually directly reaching your breast tissue.

It’s a similar story on your abdomen — radiation is reaching the dermis after traveling only 0.15 mm through the epidermis, but luckily the dermal layer is another 5.2 mm thick so that no direct radiation at this frequency actually reaching your GI tract or internal organs.

So while it is not magically bouncing of the very top layer of dead keratinized skin on the very outer surface of your skin (as some advocates for 5G want you to believe) the truth is that it is actually going into the epidermis and dermis and being neutralized by your skin… but not penetrating any further.






But there is (unavoidably) some bad news.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It weighs the most (about 8 lbs of you is just your skin!) and it’s about 22 square feet of you. Your skin represents and protects every organ in your entire body.

It has nerve endings that go directly up to your brain… that’s why you may feel tingling and/or pain if you are EHS, and why you might develop a headache or have migraines triggered after radiation exposures.

It’s why your brain might become overstimulated while you are out and about amidst all the cellular and WiFi signals all day long, and why you might experience fibromyalgia or other heightened pain states after prolonged exposures.

Your skin has blood vessels that run through your entire dermis and epidermis, called capillaries, which bring mast cells, macrophages, red blood cells, immune cells and other cells (plus the plasma of the blood) right up to your skin to be radiated by 5G and other radiation sources.

These irradiated blood cells and immune cells then go right back to your heart, circulate to every other organ system in your body, and you can feel sick, flush, have a pounding heart rate and/or rapid, shallow breathing.

Some people get really hot and dizzy because you have this radiation running throughout your skin and exposing all the nerves and blood to this radiation while it is being neutralized in the skin.

Your lymphatic system flows through your skin as well. In fact, there are more T cells (a lymphocyte that has immune function) in your skin then there is in your entire blood stream. So your immune system and your lymphatic system are both exposed to this 5G radiation (and other sources of radiation) all day long, even though 5G doesn’t technically absorb past the skin.

So with chronic exposures, your immune system is stressed out and you may find yourself picking up on colds and illnesses more frequently, feel run down, or feel bloated, stagnant, fatigued. Over time, your stressed out immune system could give rise to more frequent auto-immune disorders, and even cancers.

Did you know even emotional stress can increase the rate of auto-immune disorders and cancers? It does. (For more on that, and to reverse this damage, join my upcoming Trauma Recovery & Resiliency Class which runs next month.)

Even muscles are represented in your skin, as there are arrector pili muscles that make your goosebumps rise… so literally every major organ system in your body, is represented by the skin: your brain, your circulatory system, your lymphatic system, your immune system, and your muscles.


This is why you can have whole body symptoms from prolonged 5G exposures — even in the higher 24+ Hz band frequencies, even though this radiation is never penetrating any deeper than, at most, 0.75 mm around the outside of your body.





Your skin is your largest organ system and it’s your protector.

I know I don’t want to use the largest, biggest organ I have in my body — one that connect to every other organ system in my entire body — to constantly neutralize the radiation pelting it.

So although I truly, firmly believe that 5G radiation only penetrates us skin deep, and our skin does an AMAZING, thankless, round-the-clock job of protecting us, we can still have long term lasting health effects that we just don’t want or need.


So now for some solutions.


We want to deal with this ever-increasing, ambient, background electrical smog that
we are exposed to every day by protecting ourselves from it. And here is the good news… we can.




1. Remove what exposures you can.


Move gaming systems and charging cords out of your bedroom. Remove corded phones and go back to using old fashioned corded phones if you can. Put your cell phone on airplane mode when you are carrying it on your body or in your pocket or purse. Turn off your WiFi at night if you can. Use a hardwired Ethernet cable if you can.

Make car time cell phone free time — this is a great rule to instill in children of all ages as well! Give them supreme rights to choose what music you listen to (yes even if you hate their music, let car time be music time, not screen time!) Only radio and family talking in the car, and you’ll find you can use the time for bonding, not for getting lost in a cell phone. Trust me, when they become teenagers and are starting to drive, you’ll be so glad they have not coupled car use with cell phone use.

Institute family game nights weekly that use board games instead of electronic gaming systems. Yes, there are some families out there that still play board games, Jenga, cards, etc… (my teens still do!)

Make sure every single person in your family nurtures at least one non-electronic passion… from reading physical (paper!) books to playing basketball outside to cycling to joining in on a Zumba class at the local Y. More on this in an upcoming blog post about protecting your children from radiation exposures. But all the advice still applies to adults, and that means you!





2. Reduce what exposures you can.


For example, read this blog post I wrote on how to use a cell phone more safely. Or print out this free printable checklist I created for you on 25 ways to reduce radiation exposures in your home.





3. Shield yourself from exposures you can’t mitigate.


Because these higher frequencies that 5G towers and boosters are going to add to the environment around you have very low penetration potential, they are very easy to shield. Woot! All we need to do is be as mindful about shielding from 5G frequencies as we are from UV radiation when we go outside and we can still navigate this world in a healthy way.

You already know that being outside in the sun all day long means that your skin is absorbing the UV rays (which comes with a host of health concerns) while your skin is actually preventing the UV rays from reaching deeper into our bodies (protecting our other organ systems.)

This is the exact same model we can use for protecting against 5G.


We just have to be smart and aware about knowing that there are other sources of radiation exposures too. It’s not just the sun anymore.

But even so, if you read my blog you already know that a recent medical study showed that it’s healthier to go outside and get daily sun exposure than stay indoors, because time spent in the sun actually increases longevity.

In a similar way, I don’t want you to feel like you have to go into hiding if and when 5G comes to your home town. By simply adding on some radiation protective elements to your lifestyle you can protect your body just like you do when you put sunscreen on.

Wearing radiation protective clothing on our bodies and using radiation deceasing tools inside our homes (such as radiation shields to put around our router boxes and bedside shields to place our cell phones behind while we sleep) will go a long way to decreasing your exposures.

You can even sleep inside of a shielding sleeping bag or under a shielding blanket all night long.

These are all super simple protective measures that everyone can do, and will become as mainstream as applying sunscreen when spending a day outside under the sun.

You don’t have to wait for it to become mainstream to follow what other people are doing, you can do it first and be an inspirational leader in protecting your health and the health of your loved ones.




4. Boost your health in other ways.


Now is the time to throw out all your toxic household cleaners, toxic body care products, consume organic produce and non-GMO foods, filter your drinking water, get nice deep restorative sleep, and get grounded directly to the earth whenever you can. By focusing on what you can immediately do to boost your health and resiliency with high quality sleep, high quality food, high quality water, fresh air and exercise… you become internally healthier and better able to withstand stressful outer environments.


As the 2016 EUROPAEM EMF exposure guidelines state:

“Anything that supports homeostasis will increase a person’s resilience against disease and thus against the adverse effects of EMF exposure.”

To that I say AMEN.


So when you feel overwhelmed or depressed by all the fear-based health scares and information out there about how this entire world is going to hell in a handbasket… focus on what you can control, which is to put some time and energy into boosting your own personal health in other ways:


  • Don’t drink enough water? Put a water filtration system right out on your kitchen counter and drink a big glass every single time you walk by it.
  • Don’t exercise enough? Start and end every single day with a walk.
  • Don’t sleep well? Take immediate measures to change that — put on blue light blocking glasses after dinner and wear them through bedtime, take melatonin, use a light box every morning to reset your internal clock, and even go see your physician for a sleep study to see if a CPAP machine (or other sleep intervention) is right for you.
  • Don’t eat well? Start fasting for 13 hours every night, wake up and take some amazing and powerfully supportive holistic supplements to boost your nutrient and mineral intake, and start bringing lunches from home instead of eating out.
  • Start reading books at night instead of watching TV.
  • Stop multitasking and let your brain focus on just one task at a time.
  • Start taking nightly epsom salt bath soaks.
  • Start going to your community sauna each week to relax tense muscle and boost your health (as I blog about here, routine sauna increases life span!)
  • Join a spiritual support group or get serious about finding a church or synagogue or meditation center that feels right the moment you walk in the doors.
  • Join a trauma healing class to let go of deep, buried and old emotional and physical wounds that are affecting your current health.
  • Breathe more deeply. It only take 3 deep breaths to literally boost the function of your heart and other crucial internal organs. Take 3 deep breaths right now. I walk you through it right here in this video. Feel that? Do it daily.
  • Stop using social media and reach out to your real life friends to set up a weekly date.
  • Pretty sure you are ElectroHyperSensitive (EHS?) Print out the resources on this page to take to your physician to get the support you need.


And on and on and on. There is always something you can do to feel better, and better and better.

For weekly tips on how to continue to boost the natural, innate health we all have inside of us, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll continue to supply you with fabulous healing ideas that are all positive and encouraging, never discouraging or fear based.

I’ll also continue to post new videos that demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate grounding and other fun, uplifting holistic healing modalities into your modern lifestyle on my YouTube channel here (subscribe to get notified when new videos come out!)


And in the end, all in all, this is a testimony to how innately resilient human beings are.


Because there are people living in the highest high rise in the most radiation dense city environments, being pelted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eating nothing but processed foods and smoking and never exercising and still they live full long lives.

So know that we are really innately meant to be here, living on this planet, and lean into that knowing.

We are resilient, we are adaptable, we are capable of expansion and growth and creativity and love and joy and ultimately, of vibrantly living.




I’m here to help cheer you on as we all figure this out together… and we will!

xoxoxo, Laura


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