8 Ways To Support Intuition (and Heal the Third Eye Chakra)

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One of my patients came to me complaining of constant migraines.

Frustrated after being given an “alls clear” by her family practitioner but still suffering from debilitating headaches and increasing fatigue, she came to me at her wit’s end.

Working together through several consultations we were able to elucidate the cause of her symptoms. Turns out her fatigue began increasing when her job position changed to include customer service at work and her headaches are accompanied by dizziness.

Going through her past medical history we were able to find out that she is an empath — a highly intuitive person who tends to take on other people’s energy — so a customer service role is not a good career match unless she can learn great techniques for keeping her own energy protected.

It also turns out that she was labelled highly “imaginative” as a child and was shamed for reporting that she could see and hear things that her parents and teachers could not see. After “turning off” this intuitive capability she began having routine tension headaches that have persisted into adulthood. These have recently become full-fledged migraines accompanied by extreme dizziness.

Checking in with her chakras energetically, I could see her third eye chakra was blocked, with an enormous amount of pressure off gassing as migraines.

After teaching her several energetic techniques to decrease her empathetic sensitivities at work and protect her from getting personally drained every day, we dug deep into her third eye chakra and worked at shifting and rebalancing the movement of energy there.

Ultimately, releasing the earlier programming and childhood shame surrounding her intuitive gifts, she was able to fully open to her third eye chakra and began receiving direct intuitive information — and HONORING IT — for the first time in her life.

Dizziness — gone. Migraines — very few and far between. She was also able to sit down with her boss and restructure her existing job requirements to maximize her strengths at work and minimize energy drains.

This example is a typical example of what can happen when the third eye chakra — responsible for receiving intuitive information that is above the realm of the factual world — is blocked.


Ask yourself if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Mood disorders
  • Over-Intellectualizing to self comfort
  • Poor memory
  • Decreasing imagination
  • Fatigue
  • Social events become overstimulating
  • Oversensitive to smells, excessive talking, tastes, textures
  • Needing increasing time isolated to renew


When your third eye is open and receptive, you can reap the many benefits of a strong 6th chakra, which can include:

  • Intuitive knowings
  • Strong memory skills
  • Empathetic connections
  • Deep wisdom and ability to find meaning in life events
  • Open mindedness
  • Perceptive
  • Imaginative
  • Powerful dreams
  • Mental stamina and easy meditative states


If you are feeling that your intuition is blocked and you’d like some tools to rebalance your 6th chakra, you are in the right place.


Here are some super easy and wonderful ways to support the flow of your third eye:


1. Drop down into your body.

Folks with third eye blocks can over-use the analytical mind to help process the energetic build up of the mind.

But the thing is, over-thinking and over-anaylzing can never substitute for or produce the type of direct knowings one receives in the third eye chakra.

Try to move away from over thinking and stay in a more neutral, open state… ready to receive and accept intuitive information by dropping out of your overactive mind and focusing on body rhythms such as breathing.

Meditating, taking a walk, just lying on the earth and taking a moment to ground, taking a bath and feeling the soothing warm water surround you… whatever is your favorite way of getting out of the monkey mind and into an open and receptive state is key.



2. Release competition.

The intuitive mind is non-competitive. Folks with a strong intuitive nature typically do not thrive in a competitive environment.

Take a few moments to run through your current situation and double check if there are competitive vibes (in work, in a relationship, in friendships or in your hobbies or activities) that do not support your inner well-being, and make the decision to let those go.

Letting go of a competitive energy that drains you will allow you to remain open to healing intuitive energy flow instead of closing yourself off to buffer against a competitive dynamic you don’t enjoy.



3. Find your own wisdom from loss and pain.

There are so many amazing quotes, healing self help books and spiritual leaders out there that it is wonderful to find comfort in their words and in their sharings.

But ultimately, your third eye is there to assist you in finding your own meaning in life events — and nothing is as powerful and long-lasting as connecting with your own intuitive wisdom.

If you find that you are feeling a temporary comfort in famous quotes or uplifting images, but then sink back into familiar patterns of over-thinking, worry, or depression… chances are you have not connected with or found your OWN deeper meaning behind why certain life events have occurred.

Take the time to sit with your emotions and open to your own wisdom. Support from others in wonderful and can be life-changing… but ultimately you need to connect with your own inner knowing in order to make that meaningful outlook last.



4. Find a non-competative exercise you enjoy and stick with it.

Similar to dropping down into the body to help clear your third eye, there are lots of energy practices and physical exercises that you can do to stay in an open and ready mental state.

  • Tai Chi
  • Qigong
  • Walking Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Chanting
  • Visualization

Find the decompressing routine that uplifts you most and make it a part of your lifetime routine.


5. Trust in spontaneous information.

Intuition can come to us in many different forms.

For some folks, it is very physical (feelings, sensations and bodily symptoms that pass over the body,) for others it is auditory (like my patient I spoke of in the beginning, who could literally hear intuitive information!) or visual (in the form of seeing auras or other energetic information) and for others intuition arrives as “knowings.”

No matter what you pick up on — it’s so easy to dismiss it that you might not even know you’ve had intuitive input before it’s automatically discarded.

Everyone is capable of picking up on intuitive information… if you aren’t feeling intuitive, it’s just that you are filtering it out before it has a chance to come into your consciousness.

To open further to your intuitive gifts, you have to get in the habit of allowing and observing intuitive information… not discarding it.

Set an intention to allow intuitive information to reach you, and keep a journal of everything that happens or that you pick up on that is non-linear.

Write down smells, sensations, knowings, feelings, hunches, urges, dreams and keep the list growing. Discount nothing. Give everything a landing space to be heard, and remain open to what shows up without dismissing it as silly.

When you read back over your journal you’ll be shocked and impressed with what you were able to pick up on!


6. Solitude

Intuitive peeps tend to be quite empathetic — picking up on the energy of others — and so they can find crowds, smells, sensations, social interactions and public places overstimulating.

Honor your need to go within to recharge — there is nothing wrong with supporting your health by taking lots of down time in between work or social engagements.

Read lots of books, or meditate, say no to social engagements that totally drain you and/or be sure to leave when you feel you have reached your fill… light candles, incense, use smudge sticks to clear out old energy from your living spaces… be aware of background noises that drain you (turning off a TV or radio that plays in the constantly in the background often has a noticeably positive impact on an empath)… unplug the phone.

Take all the time you need each day for solitude. This is not passive time… solitude is fortifying and strengthening to your third eye.


7. Support brain health.

The third eye sits in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows… right where your brain and pineal gland sit.

Support healthy brain function and you automatically support your third eye chakra.

Getting lots of Vitamin D, routine sunshine each day (even cloudy daylight is better than no exposure to the natural rhythm of day and night,) healthy fats in the diet (coconut oil!) antioxidants (even red wine and tea/coffee and chocolate!) and fish oil are all fabulous ways to boost brain health.

Read this article on other ways to support your brain health through your diet.


8. Ready to open your intuition further?

Read The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook For Reawakening The Voice of Your Soul by Sonia Choquette

This is a great beginner guide to those wanting to delve into intuitive work and open up to their own intuitive strengths… I highly recommend it!

Bonus Video:

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