How Grounding Releases Trauma From Your Body To Protect Your Long Term Health

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Everyone is under a prolonged state of stress right now, and as we know, living with stress has serious long term implications on our health.

But it doesn’t have to.

It’s natural for our bodies to go through times of trauma and stress and then rebound to full health.

There are lots of things you can do to mitigate stress and trauma and prevent them from leaving lasting imprints on your body that ultimately deteriorates your health.





Which is important, because if we don’t release the traumas we experience, our cells, organs, tissues and physical body as a whole literally changes.

This is the study of epigenetics — and I’ve seen it play out in clinical medicine over and over again: trauma governs what genes are turned on and turned off, how genes are expressed and used, and literally changes the way the human body functions.


It’s not in your head —

your body is literally physically different after prolonged stress and trauma.


I’m so aware of how acute and prolonged stress affects our health that I’ve written many previous articles on this for you, such as:


Today I’m specifically talking about one of the easiest ways to mitigate trauma and stress as it occurs, and that is through grounding.

Watch this quick 8 min video below to see exactly why grounding is in a unique position to erase stress from your physical tissues, and why I feel that grounding is an absolutely mandatory part of a trauma healing plan:




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In a nutshell:

Acute stress causes a physical reaction:

  • muscles become tense
  • heart rate is elevated and circulation is constricted
  • digestion shuts down and mouth gets dry
  • adrenaline & cortisol surge
  • sleep is disrupted


Long term this leads to:

  • pain from muscle tension: chronic tension headaches, tooth grinding & TMJ, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia
  • heart disease, increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • inflammatory disorders of the gut, malabsorption, heartburn, reflux, irritable bowel, increased risk of autoimmune disorders
  • adrenal fatigue, circadian rhythm disturbance, sex hormone imbalance
  • insomnia, memory problems, structural brain changes


Grounding directly addresses these issues immediately, providing:

  • a near instantaneous decrease in muscle tension
  • improved heart rate variability (HRV) and enhanced circulation
  • boosted digestion and vagal tone, decreased inflammation
  • normalized cortisol levels
  • and deeper, more restorative sleep




There are several other key things you can do to release stress and trauma before it triggers PTSD and other traumatic sequela in the body — and I go into each one in depth in my Trauma Resiliency & Recovery online class that starts next week.

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If the current stress we are under now is triggering old wounds, old scars, bringing up PTSD or other trauma symptoms from past events you have survived… you want to be a part of this class.





I am here to help you safeguard your long term health as well and provide immediate and direct support right now.

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