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row of hearts

I always like to look for hearts wherever I go… I’ve been collecting hearts in nature for many years (and they’ve been the subject of blog posts here, here and here!)


If you’ve been a reader for a while, then you already know that I’m going through a huge personal transition in my life.


It’s fair to say that I’ve had some uncertain and scary days.


I’ve had my moments where I have plowed through the day with my head hung low… forgetting to look out for the hearts in our world.


But then things like this happen, reminding me to lift my gaze up to the beauty of the present moment:



1. For example, sometimes after making breakfast for my children in the morning, I sit down to eat but the knot of worry in my stomach has me feeling anything but hungry.

Looking around the room, love awaits and my appetite returns:

heart in kitchen
the plant next to my the kitchen table


2. Or I could be sitting in my lawyer’s office, heart pounding. Feeling surreal.

I look around the waiting room, love awaits and my heart expands:


hearts at lawyers office
the fireplace in my lawyer’s waiting room


3. Or I could be walking into the bank to apply for my first solo mortgage.

My daughter points out to me… love is here too.

Even at the bank, love awaits:


heart in sidewalk
in the sidewalk just before my meeting

4. A typical long day with no end in sight, the kids in the car and as I race back madly through the parking lot to return my grocery cart, I look up at the building and yep… here too… love awaits:


heart on bricks
on the wall at cart return


Love is every single place you can possibly go.

Love waits for us and welcomes us and wraps us up in an embrace whether we are aware of it or not.

Those hearts were always there, whether I noticed them or not.

Undoubtedly there were countless others that I never noticed.

Undoubtedly there are hearts around you right now too.


Love births us through times of turmoil and transition and it brings us to the next level.

And at each level we climb, love awaits.

No matter what side road we take, love await.

No matter what path we ultimately journey, love travels with us.

Love is already there.

Love awaits.

Love awaits

xoxox, Laura