Part 2 — Behind the scenes on The Grounded

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The third and final day of filming last week was my favorite.


That’s because I got to meet with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met from across the country — on top of the wonderful, sincere and innovative director Steve Kroschel, I met with world-renowned cardiac specialist and holistic physician Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD and Earthing guru and founder of Simply Vibrant, Dr. Christy Westen, DC

(To see candid still shots from the first movie filming session back in April, click here (with Apollo astronauts Charlie Duke and Edgar Mitchell.)

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Dr. Sinatra and his amazing wife Jan flew into Charleston just in time to have a wonderful birthday dinner out with the director Steve Kroschel and my entire family.

Dr. Sinatra is so passionate about holistic wellness and has such a complex and rich amount of information and science bundled up into his being that we were all captivated — my kids included! — to hear about his recent lectures, scientific research, and upcoming books.

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The next morning, we met up with the absolutely vibrant and open-hearted genius who works intimately with Clint Ober at… Dr. Christy Westen.

Yes, she’s gorgeous. Yes, she’s as tall as a supermodel. But this woman is even more beautiful on the inside and I can’t wait for you to meet her through The Grounded movie and hear what her work with Earthing is all about.

I won’t ruin the surprise, you’ll have to wait to see the movie for the details… but her experiments with earthing on plants form the basis for a large part of this incredible film.


Chatting with Dr. Westen on the grounds of Magnolia Plantation in beautiful Charleston, SC.

Look at the gorgeous spanish moss draping all around! And that sunlight! That’s October in SC for you!



Steve filming us as we walked beneath the gorgeous oak trees growing all over the plantation.

Over to Middleton Plantation, right next door, meeting up with America’s #1 Integrative Cardiologist…

Dr. Sinatra! I was feeling a little awestruck, can you tell?



Dr. Sinatra is a horse whisperer on top of being a holistic healing leader!


Dr. Sinatra talking about how earthing has instantaneous healing effects on the body’s autonomic nervous system and on blood viscosity as we carriage ride through the plantation. Fascinating!


Capturing all of this from front, behind, and in the middle was the fabulous director, Steve Kroschel. His credit list includes: Walt Disney Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Paramount, Lionsgate, National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, IMAX and more!!!!

I was literally in heaven in the midst of all this inspirational greatness!

Then it was back to my very own house, where Dr. Sinatra filmed a segment with my children…


… and Dr. Westen showed us some of her recent results from her Earthing experiments.

Just look at her beautiful glow! This woman truly embodies the earthing movement in body and spirit.


Told you! Love this smile she flashed me as we laughed about the joys of motherhood!

And… that’s a wrap! A bit more filming in my art studio area and then Dr. Sinatra and his beautiful wife Jan were off to the airport to move on to more lectures, appearances, AND most importantly… to welcome the newest addition to their family… a grandbaby!!! Congrats to the entire Sinatra family!


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