Probiotics Help Lower Blood Pressure

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Honestly, what can’t probiotics do?

They lift your mood, help digestion, alleviate constipation, boost your immune system, control yeast and fungal overgrowth, promote healthy skin, and now…


… lower blood pressure!



A recent meta-analysis looked at over 9 different clinical trials spanning over 500+ patients, and found that consuming probiotics lead to a decrease in systolic blood pressure by an average of 3.5 mmHg…

…and the results were even more beneficial for folks who consumed more than one type of probiotic.


Folks consuming more than one species of probiotics had an average drop of 5.8 mmHg systolic pressure.

Previous studies have shown that changes as small as a 3.3 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure is enough to create a 22% decreased risk of cardiovascular mortality, heart attack and stroke.



These results have huge implications on a massive scale, decreasing health care costs and burden and imparting important widespread public health benefits.


All from simply consuming probiotic foods… something you can do right now to support the health of your body from the inside out, head to toe.


Everything… everything… from your outer skin to your inner intestines, from your mental state to your heart attack risk, can be positively impacted by consuming probiotics.


Why don’t we hear more about these types of positive, helpful, healing, holistic medical study results?


With no pharmaceutical company benefiting from the sale of a prescription medication, it’s unlikely that natural approaches like consuming probiotics are going to get significant press.
But that is what I’m here for, my friends.

Share this good news with any loved ones you know who are trying to reduce their blood pressure, and don’t wait for this to make it to the evening news.

It’s not likely to.

But I will personally continue to scour the medical literature to bring you uplifting health information you can use every single week.


Only uplifting, positive, helpful news gets my attention.

I promise not to blog with scare tactics or alarmist reports like most other health sites, both conventional and holistic.

I don’t operate on fear and I don’t want you to, either.


Supporting your natural, beautiful, radiant Well Being…

xoxo, Laura

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