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Thoughts On Health FAQ… Book Recommendations

My husband keeps asking me what books to recommend to patients when they begin to walk the path of a more organic and holistic lifestyle. Well… I sure have read a lot of them. Many resonated with me, some didn’t. I’ve recently narrowed down my top few books that start you on a gentle road towards an organic lifestyle. None of these are too overwhelming… all of them are full of great ideas that are fun and enjoyable to try. I’ll review each for you and they are all linked to the page on Amazon where you can find pricing […]

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A can of paint for the kids

A new, huge, wall filled with chalkboard paint. I’m saying it is for the kids, but it is totally for me. I used to have about 15 different family pictures on the wall cluttering up our main hallway, and as much as I love them, they needed to find a bigger space then a narrow hallway. Time to simplify. I just finished reading Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne… and it really had me thinking. I don’t align with all of it, because I deeply feel that kids are a lot more able to self-regulate then he gives them credit

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